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This page provides resources for communicating with other Hickory County researchers. It contains information and links to digital Query sites and Mailing Lists. Queries are a fundamental part of doing family history research. They are a way of finding out if others are researching your lines, and of finding relatives you never knew you had. This page also includes the Hickory County Surname List and links to Lookup Volunteers. Please email me if you find a broken link or have suggestions for additions.

Hickory County Queries

  • Queries dating from September 1998 are posted at: Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Board. Note that you can search either within the Hickory County message board or across all boards at one time. Use the link above the message list to post new messages, which are also sent out to the MOHICKOR mail list.
  • Genforum also has a message board for Hickory County. It contains messages from December 1999 and is also fully searchable.
  • A good primer on writing effective queries is available at About.com.
  • Remember that not everyone doing genealogy research uses the internet. Most genealogical publications (at least those published by genealogy societies) still include a queries page. Be sure to use them for your own queries as well as a resource for finding others researching your families.

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Hickory County Mailing Lists
  • MOHICKOR-L is the Rootsweb mailing list for Hickory County. All queries submitted to the first queries board listed above are automatically passed through to this list. This site provides links to subscribe, unsubscribe, and search all archived messages. Messages on this site date back to 1998.

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Hickory County Surname List

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Hickory County Lookup Volunteers

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