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This page is intended to be a Virtual Photo Album of Hickory County people and places. Right now, it just contains photos from the "old" Hickory County USGenWeb site. Surely many of you have more great historical photos to post here. Many of those researching Hickory County families have never visited the county, and would like to see where their ancestors came from. We want to see the farms and the towns, the creeks and the rivers, the fishing holes, the schools and churches--all of the places that drew our ancestors to Hickory County. If you do have pictures you'd like to see here, please email me.

To make this page load more quickly, thumbnail pictures have been included with each description. Just click on the thumbnail to see the full-size picture, the contributor, and in some cases, a story. Enjoy!

Hickory County PLACES           Hickory County PEOPLE

Hickory County PLACES

Hermitage Courthouse Square
Wheatland Log Cabins
Pittsburg Mill
Anvil Rock


Buildings in Jordan
Mastodon Dig
Preston Mill
Quincy Hall

Weaubleau Christian Congregational Church
Early Wheatland Street Scene

Cross Timbers Springhouse

Weaubleau Veterans' Memorial

School Buildings in Hickory County (photos of students indexed below) [Location Map]

Clark School
Elm Springs
Flint Springs
Pleasant Hill
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Hickory County PEOPLE

Calvin Harlan's Birthday

J M Hodge

Weaubleau HS 1913
Goldie Pitts & ?

J.T. & Susanna Ferguson

Brakebill & Kittel Families

Hinkle Family

Liggett Family

Condley Family

Harry Oral


Margaret McSpadden, wife of James M. Gardner

Herman Lee & Mary Effie (O'Bryan) Bausell



Brown Family

Wm. P. Rash

Womack Brothers

Chaney Girls

Chaney Family

Kelley Family



Fugate Family Herbert Family Kelley-Cooper Family Weaubleau MFA

Owsley School

(3 yrs)

Elm Springs (3 yrs)

Pleasant Hill


Mulberry (3 yrs)

Hermitage High (1938 & 1939)

Wheatland High 1941

Dooley Bend
Hopewell School
Clark School
Royal School
Wheatland HS 1933
Elkton School-early 1940s

Antioch School
1932 Forensics

Weaubleau HS

Preston School

Pine School

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