Wheatland Log Cabins

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Thirteen authentic log cabins were moved to Wheatland, Hickory Co. MO. from other locations within the county. This created what is known as Pioneer Village in the town of Wheatland, MO. The Hickory County Economic Development Council, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, and a group of volunteers began construction on this project in 1992.

First, these log buildings had to be located in Hickory County and the surrounding area. Next, each building had to be disassembled at their original location and reassembled in Wheatland. This was not an easy undertaking, as each log and part of the structure had to be labeled as the building was taken apart, in order to reassemble the building using the original material and have it fit in the proper order. Not only were the logs numbered, but care had to be taken with the interior parts as they were reassembled also.

Pioneer Village also had a replica stagecoach relay station. The relay station was built from a photograph of an original relay station. The Butterfield Overland Mail ran from Tipton, MO through Wheatland, Missouri and on to San Francisco, California--a route of 2,790 miles. This operation took place from 1858 to 1860.

By 1995, the Pioneer Village was taking shape. Now houses, barns and corn cribs , a blacksmith shop and two guest cabins are in place in addition to the mail relay station. All buildings were graciously donated to the Wheatland, Pioneer Village. Dates are to the best of our knowledge and some are approximate.

1840 - Barn And Corn Crib - Elkton, MO.
- Kenneth and Nadine Nutt (built by Jerome McCracken)
1848 - Stable and Corn Crib
- St. Clair county, MO - George and Mary Beth Cauthon ( built by William and James Cauthon)
1850 - Akard Cabin
- Fair Play, Polk County, MO - Raymond and Jacquetta Hensley
1858 - Carbin Cabin
- Nemo, MO. Hickory County roads 260 and 401 - Maxine Carbin ( built by Benjamin F Fugate)
1860 - Corn Crib
- Fristoe, Benton County, MO, east of U.S. Highway 65 - Darrell Beyer
1895 - Cabin
- Hermitage, MO, U.S. Highway 54 and Hickory County road 182 - Clifford and Dana Peterson (built by Eric Peterson)
1900 - Blacksmith Shop
- Roscoe, St. Clair County, MO - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
1900 - Cabin
- Weaubleau, MO. Hickory County roads 240 and 236 - Gerald and Trixie Vaniford
1920 - Guest Cabins
- Geronimo Springs, Camden County, MO, U.S. Highway 54 and Little Niangua River - Juanita Kemp
This Pioneer Village represents our proud local and national heritage. Our ancestors, who settled this raw country with only, a broadax, crosscut saw and other hand tools built their homes, and raised their families here in these and other homes like these. Some of the descendants from those families remain still in Hickory County, Missouri. Those who have left the area can return to see the pride we still hold for these strong spirited pioneers. Reflecting on our past gives us courage to go on today.

Pioneer Village celebrates special occasions. Christmas Lighting ceremony takes place on the second Sunday of December. Wheatland Harvest Festival is held in September on the first weekend following Labor Day. On Harvest Day, you will find artists, craftspeople and entertainers celebrating in community spirit. Wheatland is looking forward to the crafters in the log building on a permanent basis. Visitors hours are 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. daily. Groups call ahead 417-282-6552.

Any one who has additional information on this project, please contact me Linda Crawford

Pictures taken by Linda Crawford whose husband Jack grew up across from the cabin donated by Maxine Carbin. Any historical facts and pictures of Hickory County are welcome.


Cabin was built by:
Benjamin F Fugate
It was lived in for many years by:
Roy and Ruth Willis and family.
The cabin was given by:
Maxine Carbin.
Photos and information given by:
Linda Crawford

Photos and captions for this page were submitted by:
Linda Crawford


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