Weaubleau, MO

Weaubleau is located in the southwestern corner of Hickory County, almost to the St. Clair County line.

The caption on the back reads: Spring of 1932, School in Methodist Church, Weaubleau, Missouri. Foreground: Wyatt Gardner with hat. Velma Baldwin with ball, Thornton Hardy behind Velma, __ Harryman in foreground, Wendel Allen behind her. Others not identified.

The school in Weaubleau had burned and school was being held in the Methodist Church. This church is still in use today as the Weaubleau Christian Church.


Lorenzo Dow John operated general mercantile stores in Weaubleau. He was known as the "Poor Man's Friend" for his generosity. This is a picture in front of his store in later years (no date given) with his second wife, Malina Locke. From the brass buttons and cap it appears he is dressed in his Civil War or GAR uniform. The picture is from the back of a post card.


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