Hermitage Courthouse Square.
Photos of Historical Buildings in
Hermitage, Hickory Co., Missouri

A 1914 post card photo of the Hickory County Courthouse. Must have been a day that court was in session, given the number of buggies tied up. [Photo contributed by Fran Childers.]

The courthouse has a new addition on the back and is still a lovely building

Photos contributed by:
Linda Crawford

The old jail stands at the northwest corner of the courthouse square. Wilson's History states: "In 1870-71, the stone jail now standing in the Northwest corner of the public square was built by Philip Schleifer, of Polk County, and James A. Brakebill, supervisor, at a cost of $4,500. It was unroofed by the cyclone of 1879, and joists and roof burned out in 1899, and it was repaired on the inside with a heavy coat of cement, and steel cells put in. It had never had cells, and prisoners had frequently escaped from it." [p.3]

















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