Dooley Bend School


Located west of where Pomme de Terre Dam is now.

1915 school photo; Zilpha Carter, teacher.




Identification made by Nell Cooper Byrd (1909-2011), Hermitage, Missouri, 2003

Teacher: Zilpha Carter (a Cowen descendant)

Students: 1?, 2?; 3.Juanita Vanderford; 4.Colleen Proctor; 5.?; 6.Alma Jones; 7.Alice Cooper; 8.Oma Cowen; 9.?; 10.Wynona Vanderford; 11.Alta B. Dooly; 12.Harry Proctor; 13.Hobart Dooly; 14.Marion Cowen; 15.Effie Dooly; 16.? 17.Vina Pearson; 18.Olive Cooper; 19.?; 20.Eltha Kelley; 21.Lewis Kelley; 22.Otho Vanderford; 23.?; 24.Roy Cowen; 25.Dee Stout; 26.?; 27.Zilpha Carter, 28.Mabel Proctor; 29._____Dooly; 30._____Hitson; 31.Jesse Vanderford; 32.Fred Dooly; 33.Nell Cooper (Nell was afraid of the photographer when he put the black hood over his head and refused to come outside.)






Pictures & identifications contributed by Sharon Cowen

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