Letters of History for Hickory County, Missouri

Written by a Hickory County Pioneer Descendant

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Hello to: Hickory County, Missouri Daniel Monroe Blackwell was my 2nd great granduncle, and the oldest son of Joseph and Esther Blackwell, my 3rd great grandparents. Regarding the Blackwell's buried in Sutter Creek California. Daniel Monroe Blackwell's wife Margaret (Leith) and their youngest son George Monroe Blackwell. Daniel drove a herd of cattle from Hermitage Missouri to Amador City California in 1854, he is considered one of the early pioneers when Amador County was in it's infancy, the year it became a county was the same year Daniel Blackwell arrived, 1854. Almost immediately Daniel invested in the Spring Hill and Keystone Quartz mines, later he diversified his holdings to include the purchase of the Calaveras Lumbering Co., water ditches and flumes, fruit orchards, grape vineyards, and farming on a commercial basis, he started a lime kiln, and sold lime. Daniel spread his investments around, mostly in the supply businesses to the gold mines. After the installation of the water ditches and flumes, this allowed the gold mines to continue operation during the dry months, the mines also were huge consumers of timber and lumber, the miners had to eat so it appears Daniel had his bases covered in all directions. The man saw plenty of opportunities and would be considered a "wheeler dealer" in today’s standards. The term "wheeler dealer" should not be misconstrued as a shyster type person but as an opportunist making investments. I am the editor and publisher of the Blackwell Researcher’s Newsletter and I am at the present time doing an article on Daniel Monroe Blackwell from Hickory Co. Missouri. It will include pictures of Daniel and Maggie Blackwell, the Cemetery on the Blackwell Ranch, what is left of the old Keystone Gold mine, Amador City and Sutter Creek City California one hundred and forty four years after Daniel arrived there. Letter #2 Copy of letter Joe sent to the Index Newspaper which they printed. I have Joe's permission to use a copy of the original letter here. July 3, 1998 The Index P.O. Box 127 Hermitage, Mo. 65668-0127 Gentlemen: My family has deep roots in Hickory Co. Missouri. I was born just East of Preston. We moved from Missouri to California in 1947, but my heart is still in Hickory Co. I will start with my 3rd g grandfather Joseph Blackwell since he was one of the first white men to settle in the Hermitage area when it was part of Benton County at the time. He moved his family to the Hermitage area from Meigs County Tennessee, there were six, the father Joseph, mother Esther (Blythe), children Phoebe Jain , Daniel Monroe, Nancy Ann, Cynthia I Davis Blackwell. The first born in the new land in Missouri was James Sampson, then Hiram Crockett, Samuel Vanburen, Elzada, George Washington Blackwell, the youngest of the children. About 1836, Joseph Blackwell was joined by his brother George Washington Blackwell from Meigs County Tennessee with his children. George Washington Blackwell married Nancy Bushyhead a Cherokee Indian and they were being escorted to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. Nancy didn’t make it, she died on the Trail of Tears. George Washington Blackwell left the escort with his children and headed for his brothers home (Joseph Blackwell), in what is now Hickory County Missouri. Listed here are the Blackwell’s that I have been able to find that were descendants from these two brothers that was in the Missouri State Militia during the Civil War: Samuel Blackwell, Samuel V. Blackwell, William F. Blackwell, James S. Blackwell. These men all came from the two brothers that settled and made their homes in Hickory Co. Missouri. We have many more in our family that served in the Civil War from Hickory Co., to name one in particular is John Wes Quigg, who at one time according to your article "Wheatland history", owned the town of Wheatland. John W. Quigg was aged 39 years when the Civil War began, and served in the Missouri State Militia in 8th Regiment, Company "I". John became disillusioned with the Militia, and got out when his enlistment was up, taking the job as Sheriff and Collector of Hickory Co.. Sheriff Quigg served from October 15, 1863, until November 3, 1868 as the Sheriff and Collector. (John W. Quigg was my 2nd great granduncle) I am not sure if you have ever printed a photograph of Uncle Wes Quigg in the Index, but I would definitely like to see a picture of him. I understand that there is a portrait of him in the County Court House in Hermitage. . My great grandfather James Samson Blackwell was a Judge in Hickory Co. for eight years, I am not sure if he used this courthouse or not. We also have George Washington Blackwell, youngest son of Joseph and Esther Blackwell listed as being a Justice of the Peace in Hickory Co. Family tradition has it that George Washington was known as Big Foot, because he held court bear footed. His son Joseph Henry Blackwell helped cut and deliver the fire wood to run the kiln to fire the bricks for the Courthouse in Hermitage. So your pictures of the Court House and the jail on Mar. 11, 1998 were an added bonus to me, My 3rd great grandfather Jacob Bartshe and a German man named Wente helped to build the stone jail house in Hickory county in 1870 I am also the Editor of The Blackwell Researcher’s Newsletter I do like writing and studying the history of my families and would like to see some of the history of Hickory County printed in your newspaper "The Index" you are sitting on a wealth of historical information and I am sure the readers would like to see a weekly article concerning the history of their County. I know I sure would! (hint) I will be printing a story on Daniel Monroe Blackwell in my next issue, his disappearance was a mystery to the Blackwell family for over 144 years. Daniel left Hickory Co Missouri, driving a herd of white face cattle in 1854, to Gold Fields in Amador Co. California, he never returned and no one knew what ever happened to him. I went to Sutter Creek and met the gentleman that now owns part of the ranch Daniel built. The story gets quite entailed. If you would like a copy of the story, I will mail you a copy in September when the issue comes out. I have a web page on the Internet that has some of the history and plan on adding to it as time allows and I would like to put some of the stories like "Wheatland history" on the Internet with your permission, I would naturally give the author and the Index the credit. The URL is: http://www.leo.net/~joepa/ , feel free to look around in my web site, I do get a lot of positive comments on it from the visitors. If I can be of help let me know, and I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely Ronald "Joe" Saylor I do enjoy the History of Hickory Co. because so many were my kinfolk’s. I like to make the trip at least once a year to visit my aunts, uncles and cousins still living in Hickory. Joe -- Joe Saylor Brookings Oregon

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