The names listed below were sent to Ralph B. Nevins, Attorney at Law, by Monte C. Coulter, State Service Officer, State of Missouri, on February 28, 1938, in a response to Mr. Nevins' request for a complete list of Hickory Countians who served during World War I. Mr. Nevins volunteered to complete the paperwork for discharged veterans in the county.

Thanks go to Kathleen Liedtke, daughter of Ralph B. Nevins, for sharing this list with the Hickory County Recorder's Office, and to Vicky Stapleton, Hickory County Deputy Clerk, for sharing the list with us.

Question marks indicate name spellings that were not clear. Transcribed by Ginny Sharp, Nov. 2007.

Additional information on most of these men can be found on the Missouri Secretary of State's Website, Soldiers Database: War of 1812 - World War I.

Allison, Jess Wheatland
Anderson, Oscar Cross Timbers
Ashcroft, Arthur P. Weaubleau
Babcock, Olin H. Weaubleau
Baldwin, Bert Quincy
Bandel, Morris Albert Hermitage
Bartshe, Daniel Hermitage
Baxter, Charles Gerster
Beets, Oliver Wheatland
Beets, William C. Wheatland
Bernard, Claud Weaubleau
Beyer, William D. Avery
Birdsong, Lester Dallas Weaubleau
Blackwell, Clarence Edgar Hermitage
Blackwell, Walter L. Wheatland
Bliss, Perry P. Cross Timbers
Boyle, Earl Wheatland
Box, Earl H. Wheatland
Brent, Dee Quincy
Brent, Elmer R. Quincy
Breshears, Roney F. Avery
Brickey, Everett Elkton
Bridges, Fred Urbana
Britton, Harry Wheatland
Brown, Ira L. Almon
Buck, Gerald Emmitt Elkton
Bybee, Harrison Preston
Bybee, William H. Preston
Cahow, John Oliver Weaubleau
Chancellor, Thomas R. Quincy
Clark, William Anderson Pittsburg
Clonts, Weaver L. Wheatland
Conkling, Frank Avery
Coon, Raymond M. Hermitage
Copeland, Boyd V. Weaubleau
Cothern, Charles L. Cross Timbers
Crawford, Oliver E. Weaubleau
Crouch, Elbert Reid Hermitage
Cyrus, George W. Elkton
Delozier, Edgar Elbert Weaubleau
Demois, James Wilson Cross Timbers
Dent, Walter Lee Wheatland
Dietz, James M. Quincy
Drenon, Charles M. Hermitage
Durnell, Bert Harrison Weaubleau
Edde, Roy L. Preston
Edde, Thomas Raymond Hermitage
Evans, John Preston
Fesler, Jesse Quincy
Fisher, James Elbert Hermitage
Foltz, James A. Wheatland
Frazier, Noah W. Pittsburg
Fritz, John Walter Childer
Fugate, William T. Hermitage
Gardner, Wayland P. Wheatland
Gist, Joseph Raymond Wheatland
Gist, Lamont Wheatland
Gist, Lemuel I. Wheatland
Gist, Noel Pitts. Hermitage
Grantham, John J. Avery
Green, Charles Leslie Almon
Green, Leslie R. Almon
Gregory, Ralph C. Cross Timbers
Griffin, Arthur Pittsburg
Guier, James S. Cross Timbers
Hargrove, Ivan Wheatland
Harnett, Scott Marion Weaubleau
Harphum, Elmer D. Avery
Hartnett, John K. Preston
Hatcher, Alva L Elkton
Heard, Leonard Wheatland
Hellums, Lawrence L. Elkton
Hicks, Lee Urbana
Holland, John L. Wheatland
Hollingsworth, Elmer E. Preston
Hostetler, Chester Quincy
Hudson, Albert Quincy
Hunt, Roy Chalmer Elkton
Iiams, James H. Wheatland
Jackson, Arlie Preston
Jackson, Arnold Y. Preston
Jamison, Roland Roy Hermitage
Jinkens, Alvin S. Wheatland
Jinkens, Harmon C. Wheatland
Johnson, Alexander Quincy
Johnson, Authur Cross Timbers
Johnson, Herman C. Pittsburg
Johnson, Joseph R. Hermitage
Jordan, Everett M. Hermitage
Jordan, Lawrence Glen Wheatland
Jordan, William Hebert Wheatland
Kelley, Henry E. Pittsburg
Kelley, John [G.?] Wheatland
Kittel, Alvin E. Wheatland
Kittel, Charles D. Weaubleau
Kittel, Joseph E. Weaubleau
Lacy, Elvin ? Wheatland
Lacy, Opal Glen Quincy
Langford, Alfred Wheatland
Lasure, James A. Hermitage
Lietz, Amost Elkton
Lietz, Julius Elkton
Liggett, Williamson Henry Wheatland
Lightfoot, Melvin H. Elkton
Lindsey, Sherman Abby. Wheatland
Lindsey, Wayne Anthony Preston
Locking, Alva V. Cross Timbers
Losure, James A. Hermitage
Lurten, James F. Wheatland
Malott, Jack Wheatland
Martin, Frank Elkton
Mashburn, Henry I. Weaubleau
Mashburn, Ray V. Wheatland
Mashburn, Tatum J. Wheatland
Mawhiney, Lee R. Cross Timbers
McBride, Torrance Russell Elkton
McCain, Andrew J. Almon
McCracken, Carlos R. Elkton
McGinnis, William B. Jordan
McKinley, Wlliam B. Hermitage
McKinzie, Asa E. Quincy
McNabb, Homer Cleo Wheatland
Melton, James H. Weaubleau
Miller, Forest Houston Avery
Miller, James L. Preston
Miller, Jess T. Cross Timbers
Mitchell, Floyd Jennings Quincy
Morton, Ross Weaubleau
Murray, Berlyn Avery
Nation, Mark D. Avery
Nevins, Ralph B. Weaubleau
Newcomb, Arthur Pittsburg
Newport, Richard C. Elkton
Niblack, Marvin Clay Elkton
Nichols, Harvey W. Weaubleau
Oesch, Elmer M. Weaubleau
Owsley, George W. Almon
Owsley, Ora L. Cross Timbers
Owsley, Thomas O. Weaubleau
Page, Herbert Alfred Quincy
Parkhurst, Walter A. Wheatland
Paxton, Homer Floyd Wheatland
Paxton, Orville J. Wheatland
Paxton, Sigle O. Elkton
Payne, Oscar Wheatland
Pearson, Charley Wheatland
Pennington, Ebert Wheatland
Phillips, James H. Jordan
Pipes, Charles D. Wheatland
Pitts, Elmer T. Pittsburg
Prine, James E. Cross Timbers
Reno, Thomas L. Wheatland
Reser, Otis Morgan Preston
Richardson, Livingston H. Elkton
Riddle, William E. Preston
Robertson, Homer B. Wheatland
Robertson, Omer Wheatland
Robertson, Paul Wheatland
Rogers, Joseph C. Avery
Rogers, Leslie Weaubleau
Rorrer, Gordon C. Wheatland
Rorrer, Hallin Wheatland
Ross, Benjamin E. Cross Timbers
Ross, Luther Cross Timbers
Rountree, Linville Elkton
Russell, Garrett H. Preston
Russell, Ralph C. Pittsburg
Russell, Robert Ingersoll Pittsburg
Sapp, Benjamin H. Elkton
Scarbrough, Herman C. Weaubleau
Seale, Charlie H. Wheatland
Shannon, James Samuel Preston
Shelton, Earl Willis Weaubleau
Sherman, Hebert McKinley Wheatland
Simmons, Jay W. Hermitage
Simmons, Orval C. Weaubleau
Smith, Robert S. Cross Timbers
Stanley, Andrew C. Elkton
Stevene, Arlander [?] C. Cross Timbers
Stevenson, John F. Weaubleau
Stewart, Ralph T. Wheatland
Stirlen, Jim Preston
Stout, William O. Pittsburg
Street, Thomas H. Weaubleau
Taylor, Lester H. Cross Timbers
Thatch, Dewey P. Wheatland
Thomas, Jess Cross Timbers
Thompson, Roy B. Wheatland
Tull, George Franklin Cross Timbers
Tull, Raymond Edgar Cross Timbers
Vaughn, Carlos C. Elkton
Vaughn, Charles Orlie Weaubleau
Walker, Odus Preston
Walker, Zeke B. Wheatland
Ward, William F. Elkton
Ware, Howard Stewart Weaubleau
Warner, Pearl A. Preston
Wente, Frank Amos Wheatland
Wheeler, Earnest C. Weaubleau
Wheeler, Gilbert Quincy
Whitaker, Uncas A. Weaubleau
Williams, Alfred Holston Pittsburg
Williams, James Henry Pittsburg
Wilson, Francis M. Jr. Hermitage
Wilson, Ralph F. Hermitage
Woodward, Elwyn Avery
Wright, Charles W. Wheatland
Wright, Earl T. Cross Timbers
Wright, George V. Wheatland
Wright, Thomas Wheatland
Wright, Thomas Wheatland

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