Mulberry School

Mulberry School was located in the northeast part of Hickory County, northeast of Jordan.

Mulberry School, January 22, 1920. Wm. Pate, teacher.

  • Back row: 5th boy from far right is Oral Glen Cothern, Sr. son of Albert Brady and Eva (Magee) Cothern.

    Mulberry School, November 10, 1915. Hobart Bybee, teacher.

  • Middle row:2nd girl from left with dark hairbow on top of her head is Relma Hayden

  • Back row: 8th from left is Randall Hayden

  • Photographer was Winfred Lockling, uncle of the 2 above students

    Mulberry School November 26,1908.

  • Front row, left to right: James Roark, Merlin Huffman, Howard Huffman, Otto Anderson, Randell Harden, Faron Stafford
  • Middle row: Leonard Wolf, Othel Huffman, Johnnie Roark, Chester Brown, Floralice Lockling, Eula Dalton.

  • Back row: Willie Thomas, Ida Thomas, Gertie Brown, Sally Simpson, Grace Roark, Othello O'Bryan, Pearl Roark, Clara Thomas, Grace Parks, teacher.


    All pictures and information contributed by Charesa Hester

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