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A Pioneer Family From Hickory County, Missouri
Thomas Largent
Lucinda OWEN

Thomas Largent, the son of Elijah, born about 1801 in North Carolina.
Thomas married Lucinda OWEN, daughter of Charles Harrison and Mary Cates,
7 February 1827 in Burke County, North Carolina.

The parents of Thomas is, Elijah Largent and Elizabeth "Betsy" BRADSHAW Largent.
Elijah Largent was born in 1774 in Rutherford County, North Carolina.
Elijah Largent's, parents are believed to have been Thomas and Nancy Largent.
Josiah and Nancy Hogan Largnet are the parents of Elizabeth BRADSHAW Largent.

The seven children of Thomas and Lucinda (Owen) Largent were all born in Burke County, North Carolina, but according to 1850 Federal Census, the family is shown as living in Hickory County, Missouri.

We do not have documentary proof that Lucinda Owen(s) was indeed the daughter of Charles Harrison Owen and Mary (Cates) Owen, as we do of the other three children. However, by using the process of elimination and much research, it appears that she very probably was.

It was a common error for clerks to add an "s" to names as in the case of the marriage license of Lucinda and also that of Charles Harrison Owen. Lucinda falls within the age bracket of the daughter listed with Charles H. Owen in the 1800 census of York County, South Carolina, also the census of Burke County, North Carolina of 1810.

Lucinda was 28 years old when she married Thomas Largent, and named her first daughter Temperance Lavina. Thomas, had a sister, Temperance, and Charles H. Owen had a daughter, Lavina. The three other children of Charles and Mary Owen all named a daughter, Lucinda. She was probably much loved. A son of Thomas and Lucinda Largent, named one of his sons Lee Clinton. Those are the names of Charles H. Owen's two sons.

In September 1829 there was a court case held in Superior Court of Burke County in which Mary Owen(s) sued for damages from Jacob Deal Jr. and her witnesses were Clinton Owen(s), Lucinda, Ely or Eliz Largent and E. Largent. Who better to testify for a widow than a son, a daughter, and daughter's in-laws?

Mary's husband does not appear in the 1830 census so it is natural to assume he was dead in 1829 since she is the one filing the suit. We have a copy of the court document. She won her case, whatever it was. Nothing else on the cas has survived. Of course, this is no proof that Lucinda Largent was Mary's daughter, but it certainly does add to the pile of evidence.

We do not have a date or place of death for Thomas or Lucinda Largent, however, both were alive in the 1860 census of Hickory County. Thomas was a farmer and in 1860 in Tyler Township, Hickory County, Missouri he owned $2000.00 worth of real estate.

Mary Ann Largent, first daughter of Thomas and Lucinda (Owen) Largent, was born in Burke County, NC., ca 1829. She married James F. Moore who was born ca 1819. They apparently moved with their children to Hickory County, MO. along with her parents as they appear in the 1860 census with their family and show real estate valued at $700.00.

Mary Ann (Largent) Moore appears as a widow in the 1880 census.

Temperance Lavina Largent, second daughter of Thomas and Lucinda (Owen) Largent was born in Burke County, NC., 12 October 1832. She became the bride of Abner Burgess Payne 11 August 1849 in Burke County, NC. Abner, born 1823 in North Carolina was the son of Abner Payne who was the son of William Payne. Abner and Temperance Payne followed her parents to Hickory County, Missouri where they settled and raised their family. Abner was a farmer and they lived in Miller Township. By 1860 they were living in Dallas County, MO.

Clinton Malachi Largent, fourth child of Thomas and Lucinda (Owen) Largent, was born in Burke County, NC, in January 1835. Rev Richard Deshaze performed the ceremony that united in marriage Clinton Largent to Mary Ann Poe on 30 December 1855. She was born in Kentucky about 1836, the daughter of Alms and Rebecca (Harris) Poe. Clinton and Mary Ann were the parents of the following children in Hickory County, MO.

Thomas W. Largent, fifth child of Thomas and Lucinda (Owen) Largent, was born April 25, 1837 in Burke County, NC. and moved with his parents to Hickory County, MO. while still quite young. In 1859 he was married to Susan Crutsinger. Susan has sometimes been known as Susannah. She was born 18 June 1842 in Tennessee. They lived to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in 1909. Thomas W. Largent died 4 August 1913 and Susan on 31 January 1922. They are both buried in the Crutsinger Cemetery in Hickory County, MO. They lived on Elkton Road in Wheatland Township and were the parents of seven children.

Josiah Largent, born 24 November 1838 in North Carolina, was the sixth child of Thomas and Lucinda (Owen) Largent. On 30 January 1861 in Hickory County, Missouri he married Nancy Conger, daughter of Stephen and Lucy Conger. She was born 10 November 1844 in Missouri. According to the marriage records of Callaway County, Missouri, Stephen Conger was married to Lucy Jane Gordon in that county on 8 March 1835 by Rev. James Suggett. According to the 1900 Missouri census and a great-granddaughter they had the following children and the family lived in Summitt Township in Callaway County at that time.

The following story has been handed down in the Largent family generation to generation and is repeated here as it was received by the author. Joshia was burned out by the "Rebels" in 1864 in Hickory County, Missouri. The daughter, Lucy was a small baby. They left on foot with all their belongings in a flour sack and went back to Cedar City to start over. Their sheep has been burned in the barn and their hogs had been put down the well. In 1873 Josiah was supposed to have killed his father, Thomas, accidentally, thought he was a deer, when they were separated on a trip by foot from Cedar City to Hickory County near Tuscumbia, where he was buried on the spot. Later the farmer, who owned the land was paid to build a tomb over the grave, but as of 1975 the tomb or grave has not been found.

Martha Elizabeth Largent, seventh child of Thomas and Lucinda (Owen) Largent, was born about 1841 in North Carolina according to the 1860 census of Hickory County, MO. She married Robert H. Wheeler, who was born ca 1839 in Kentucky, son of James T. Wheeler. They married in 1859. He was a farmer and had $100.00 in real estate. It is not known if they had children.

I have gathered this information from several sources.
The main source being from a book written by:
Jean Woods Owen
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