Nine of the 11 children of Marquis Lafayette KELLEY and Hannah Eliza RITCHEY (woman sitting in front). From left to right: Ethel, Jesse, Bess, Minnie, Bill, Evie Kelley COWEN, Joe, Nancy, Dinah. Photo taken ca. 1906-08. [Photo courtesy of Jessica Jackson; identifications by Sarah Thompson.]

This photo is of the KELLEY-COOPER family. Hannah Eliza [RITCHEY] [KELLEY] COOPER is again in the center front.

Front row, left to right: Raymond COWEN and other unidentified children; Joe COOPER (husband of Hannah Eliza), Hannah Eliza Kelley COOPER, Nancy DAVIS (daughter of Hannah), Minnie PITTS (daughter of Hannah), Dinah FLOYD (daughter of Hannah), Leona DOOLEY (daughter of Joe COOPER), Ethel COOPER (Daughter of Hannah).

Row 2 (short row "sandwiched in"): Evie COWEN.

Back row, left to right: William KELLEY, John COOPER, Jesse KELLEY, Jess COOPER, Maude COOPER, Bess WADE, Russ WADE, Homer DAVIS, John KELLEY, E. J. KELLEY, Willis PITTS, Edna PITTS, Jim FLOYD, Ira DOOLEY, Alfred COOPER.

[Photo courtesy of Jessica Jackson; identifications by Sarah Thompson.]

Sarah thinks this photo was taken about the same time as the one above, possibly even taken on the same day. However, the houses in the background don't match.




The woman on the left is Esther Lynch BEELER.  The woman beside her on the right is her younger sister, Nancy Elizabeth Lynch McFARLAND.  These two women and their families moved from southeast Nebraska to northwest Oregon in 1903.  About this same time, Joseph C KELLEY (son of Hannah KELLEY) and Frederick S. COOPER (son of Joseph COOPER) moved to this same area of Oregon.  In May 1906, Joe KELLEY married Esther (pronounced 'Easter') Beeler's daughter, Bertha BEELER.  In November 1906, Fred COOPER married Pearl McFARLAND, daughter of Lizzie McFARLAND.  In 1908, Vera KELLEY was born to Joe and Bertha, and Paul COOPER was born to Fred and Pearl.  Thus this picture is of the two sisters (Esther and Lizzie) and their two grandchildren (Vera and Paul), who were both also grandchildren to Joe and Hannah COOPER, taken in 1908 in Oregon.  It was probably taken to send and show off the new grandkids, but perhaps also to introduce the mothers-in-law of the two sons, Joe and Fred, to the relatives back in Hickory Co.


[Photo courtesy of Jessica Jackson; paragraph written by Steven Gillispie.]


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