of Hickory County

    According to Wilson's History of Hickory County, John T. Ferguson was born 24 August 1843; married Susan Edds, who was born 24 January 1848, on 26 March 1865, in Tennessee. They came to Missouri 16 October 1869. [Nemo Cemetery: John T.--8/24/1843-7/30/1931; Susan A.--6/25/1848-5/12/1925] [J. T. Ferguson was a minister in Nemo and Hermitage and also served as Hickory County Treasurer, 1897-1900, and Collector of Revenue, 1911-1914.]

Children:    1. Mary E., born 25 May 1866, married Judge F. SAMPLES, 26 July 1881; died 9 May 1906. [Mary died at her home in Kansas City, Kansas and was brought back to Pittsburg Church Cemetery for burial--5/25/1865-5/9/1906]

                 2. William A., born 17 May 1868, married Margaret LOW, 10 November 1895. [Nemo Cemetery: Wm. A.--8/17/1868-5/8/1914; Margaret--9/24/1868-10/16/1948]

                 3. George W., born 30 December 1870, married Elie ALEXANDER, 21 December 1890. [Nemo Cemetery: Geo. W.--12/31/1870-12/20/1943; Eller F.--2/16/1873-5/3/1903; on same stone is Tennie A.--12/4/1873-12/23/1963

                 4. Martha A., born 13 March 1873, married Andrew J. ALEXANDER, 10 March 1889. [Pittsburg Church Cemetery: Martha--3/13/1873-4/7/1962; Andrew--8/4/1871-11/3/1937]

                 5. Francis C., born 23 March 1875, married T. J. BRANNON, date not given.

                 6. Tennessee P., born 12 March 1877, died 19 July 1894. [Nemo Cemetery: Tennessee Parolee--3/12/1877-7/19/1894]

                 7. John Calvin, born 22 January 1879, died 14 June 1879. [buried Pittsburg Church Cemetery]

                 8. Caroline G., born 24 November 1880, married Elmer SIMMONS, 15 February 1901. [Nemo Cemetery: Carrie G.--1880-1964; Wm. Elmer--1880-11/5/1951]

                 9. Cornelius,  born 2 June 1883, married Gussie BARTSHE, 2 September 1904. [Nemo Cemetery: Cornelius--6/2/1883-5/12/1956; Gussie G.--2/29/1884-8/17/1924]

                10. Lillie Ann, born 27 July 1885, died 12 September 1886. [buried Pittsburg Church Cemetery]

                11. May, born 17 July 1887. [married Arthur Gardner of near White Cloud in December, 1908]                   

                12. James M., born 16 July 1889, married Lillie May CUNNINGHAM, 31 March 1907.

                13. Florence E., born 29 November 1893. [Married Luther HITSON in June 1911]

Notes:  Text like this above is from Wilson's History of Hickory County, pages 127-128.

           Text like this was added by Ginny Sharp based on entries in Cemetery Directory of Hickory County, Missouri, published by The Index, Hermitage, MO, October 1990, and other notes from The Index.

            The photos above were sent to Johnna Quick by Vicky Dennis, who is researching the Ferguson-Low-Brannon families. The top photo is of JT and Susanna (Edds) Ferguson; the lower one was annotated as being of sons Jim and George in the back row, and JT, John, and Susanna in the front row. Since Wilson's History has John being 10 years older than Jim, there's either an error in Wilson's History or in the annotation.

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