Clark School

Clark School was located northeast of Hermitage.


We're glad to be at the Old Clark School
As we travel on our way
To greet old friends and neighbors
On this beautiful,beautiful day.
We were invited by Fannie and Henry
We're glad for the invitation
As we gather here from far and near
Perhaps from over the nation.
We're thinking of our childhood
As we played around the yard
And of all the boys and girls
None of the scenes have marred
This building has been here for 60 years
Many have come and gone
Some have traveled far away
Others have settled on a farm
We have left this school to fill our place
In many walks of life
I may not name them all
For sometimes its hard to write
About what folks are doing
After school days are past
So I will name a few
But it is quite a task.
Many have been teachers
Who have played a part
In making us what we are
As out in the world we start.
Many have been called to the colors
To travel on land and sea
Perhaps some have given their life
That you and I might be free.
Some work in a post office,
Some are machinists, carpenters, printers,
Farmers, bookkeepers, lawyers,
Doctors, bankers and painters.
But they say only one preacher
He has been asked to talk today.
We're sure he will say some encouraging words
That will help us on our way.
I'm trying to thing just now
Of all the folks who have come and gone
All that I can remember
I'll start with the name of Bergstrom.
There were Solbergs, Strouds, Lussos,
Blackwells, Boyds and Johnsons,
Harlans, Hinkles, Eklofs, Freemans,
Brakebills and Granthums.
Clarks, Floyds and Creaches
Holmes, Robinson, Dickenson, Chaney, Jenkins,
Pinkston, Andersons, Wilsons and Gustason.
Odenbaughs, Ricketts, Petersons,
Millikans and perhaps others
You could tell me about
But I can not name another.
In naming over the folks
I'm afraid I've left some out
But don't be like a school boy
And run away and pout.
It will soon be time to say good bye.
The best of friends must part
But there will always be that love
Way down deep in our heart
For our friends and school mates
So loyal and grand
And if we never meet here again
Let us meet on the golden strand
Written circa 1952 by Blanche A. Hinkle Brakebill (1894-1975)
Daughter of Sarah Ann Rose Blackwell
contributed by Fran

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