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A little context from Ricci:

I also want to submit a chronicle of my grandmother's life. Mary Effie (O'Bryan) Bausell comes from a long line of Hickory Countians. Her father Silas Wright O'Bryan was born in Morgan County but was in Cross Timbers, Hickory County by age 16 with his parents Caleb Hall and Mary Catherine (Robinson) O'Bryan where they homesteaded and lived the rest of their lives. Both of them were born just over the county line in Mack's Creek in 1827. Mary Effie's mother Mary Emaline (Hewgley)O'Bryan was born in Jordan in Hickory County in 1854. All of Mary Effie's uncles and aunts stayed in Hickory County all their lives and most of her siblings did also. Her last cousin to live on the Caleb Hall O'Bryan homestead was named Bertha O'Bryan
and she never married. She stayed on the homestead and took care of her parents General Ivy & Sarah O'Bryan until they died. After their death, she continued to live on Ivy & Sarah's old homestead alone without water or electricity until she moved into a small house in town about 1990 where she stayed until her death about 3 years later. Bertha was 71 yrs old before she enjoyed electricity and indoor plumbing.
My grandmother left this chronological outline of her life and I just typed it up in a narrative format. It contains both her early childhood all the way thru her 50 years of marriage and to the date of her death, so it covers 1890 thru 1981. She lived in and around Hickory County for 33 years before moving west. There are many Hickory County names and many tales of everyday life in Hickory county and the surrounding areas. It might be very helpful to other researchers.

Mary Effie's Timeline




   1890- 1909


Married first to a cousin (Joseph Fulton Drennan), Mary Emeline (Hewgley) had four children by Drennan.  Lucy Drennan (died at 1 yr), a baby boy (died at birth), Kanzada Drennan and America Drennan.  Joseph Drennan would die about 1877.  They may have divorced before his death, records are unclear.

 Silas Wright O達ryan married Mary Emeline (Hewgley) Drennan on December 27, 1880 in Cross Timbers, MO.

Offspring born to Silas Wright O達ryan and Mary Emeline (Hewgley) O達ryan

1-       General Ivy O達ryan

2-       JoAnne 鄭nnie O達ryan

3-       Katherine Lovada


5-       Rose Zetta

6-       Othello

7-       William McKinley (died 3 days old)



Mary Effie was born on May 20, 1890

Silas and Mary couldn稚 agree on a name for Mary Effie.  Silas called her 笛eff.  Because they couldn稚 agree, Mary Effie had no official name.  Mary Effie named herself at the age of 5 when she entered school.


Kanzada (Mary Effie痴 half sister) and husband Tom Huffman fell in love with Mary Effie and wanted to adopt her.  They even offered to buy Mary Effie for their own.  Silas O達ryan refused.


Silas had spleen and kidney problems.  He sold all his cattle, hogs, and sheep, kept the home and rented it to Jeff Stewart (his farm hand).  He bought two new wagons and covered them with canvas and oil cloth.  He bought six horses (2 teams).  Oldest son Ivy drove one wagon, Mary Emeline drove the other wagon and they packed up and moved to Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  


The O達ryan痴 moved back to Cross Timbers, MO and set up house.  Jeff Stewart (farm hand renting the house) built a cabin on Silas property and lived there.  Jeff set up the farm for Silas.

Mary began school in Cross Timbers at the Mulberry Schoolhouse.  This was when Mary named herself.  Mulberry Schoolhouse was a one room school.  One student was in school until he was 21 (Andy Rich).  Pupils only went to school if they wanted. No law requiring school attendance.  Mary would only reach the 3rd grade before making her way in the world working for others. 

Silas was on the school board and in politics (republican).  The School board selected the teacher and the families paid the teacher.  Silas was 迭oad Overseer, an official position paid by the county taxes.  All property owners were taxed.

 Silas was not an MD but was a doctor by nature.  He used Dr. Pierces Doctor Book, it was his bible and he studied it on his own.  He never charged for services. 


Mary Effie痴 baby brother died shortly after birth and was buried at Mayberry Place, a private cemetery on private property.   

Mary was in 2nd grade and was already reading and writing.  Silas taught his children at home.  His subjects were reading, writing, and arithmetic.  The class size was about 25 students; John Drennan (17 yrs old and Mary Emeline痴 cousin) was the teacher.  The school had a pot bellied stove and when boys didn稚 behave, they sat on the stove a short time.  Teachers could spank but it was limited.  Teachers were responsible for all the cleaning of the school.  Silas made benches and desks for the pupils.  Pupils brought their lunches and were not allowed to leave.  Games were Hopscotch, Hide n Seek, Kick the Can, and Where痴 the Marker.

 Silas made shingles for the buildings and houses in the area and Mary Effie worked with him bailing shingles.  


Mary Effie was in 3rd grade and walked 1ス miles to school.  If you were late you were punished.  School hours were 9-4, five days a week.  Friday nights at school were spelling bees, debates, music and singing.  There were many school picnics (at least once a month) with home made ice cream.  

Silas had an ice house he kept locked.  He lined it with sawdust and stored the ice from winter packed in newspapers.  They also had ice in the house. Silas dug a hole on the north side of the house, lined it with sawdust, and again wrapped the ice in newspaper and this was ice for the home. 


Mary was to begin the 4th grade.  Her eyes had developed granulated eyelids late in the 3rd grade and she had to quit school.  She was blind and had to sleep under the bed as light would be too intense.  Marion Thomas, a friend of Silas took Mary Effie to Latham, MO to Dr. Latham (town named after Dr.).  There, her eyelids were turned inside out and the eyeballs were scraped.  She stayed for 3 days and had to cover one eye and look through a black veil doubled twice to filter the sunlight.  This was the end of school for Mary Effie.  Mary started working for others and helping her sisters when they needed help.     

Silas gave Mary Effie her own horse at age 9 and Mary and Silas went into the shingle business together.  Although women were expected to be 努hite and not tanned in those days, Mary Effie worked like a man and never covered her hair or hands, for Mary Effie and Silas were a 鍍eam.  Mary made herself an entire new outfit and bought the first factory made coat in her life.  She made all her own clothes except for the coat.  Mary Effie would continue to make all her own clothes throughout her life.  Her 5oth Wedding Anniversary dress would be the exception.


Mary Effie now 10, went to Rodgers Arkansas with her half sister Kanzada and husband Tom.  They traveled by covered wagon on dirt roads.  Along the way, a mad dog bit the mule and the mule went mad.  They had to shoot the mule.  The mule was frothing at the mouth and biting chunks of wood.  They took their time but were constantly on the watch for mad dogs.   

Tom had a bottom farm, Kanzada worked in town and Mary Effie kept care of the children.  None of the doors in the log house would stay closed.  Mary could hear the locks click and the doors swing open.  The house was considered haunted but Mary Effie was unafraid.  


Mary Effie was 13 when she left home.  She worked for Marion Thomas and wife and took care of the children.  Her wages were $.13 a day and she stayed there until Mrs. Thomas died.  Then Mary Effie went to Aunt Rachel (Hewgley) Ashley痴 (Mary Emeline痴 father痴 sister) house in Gordon, MO.  Mary took care of her for room and board and had the weekends off.  Aunt Rachel always bought Mary Effie gifts. 

Then Lillie and Leslie Stafford bought the General Store and Post Office.  Mary went to work for them caring for the children for $3.50 per week.  Lillie was a close family friend. 


At 14 Mary Effie quit working for the Stafford痴 and went to work for Ray Heyden and Grace.  She took care of the children for $3.50 per week, but did no cooking.  They owned the Childers Post Office and General Store.  Mary lived at home 1ス miles from Childers.  

Mary made all her own clothes all by hand, even the buttonholes.  There was only one sewing machine in town belonging to her sister Annie.  Mary Effie made her own patterns, she had never even seen a pattern.  Mary痴 sister Katheryn made patterns in Kansas City for Emery & Thayers and they sold!!!!   


Mary Effie worked for the McFarlan痴.  Mrs. McFarlan had a new baby making it eight children.  They had a big farm and Mary worked for $5.00 per week.  Mary Effie stayed there for over a year. 


Kanzada (half sister) bought Mary Effie some new clothes.  Mary went to work for older sister Annie in Fristoe, MO.  Mary Effie left Annie痴 house because John, Annie痴 husband tried to rape her.  She got on the mail truck and went home. 


Mary Effie now 17 was back at home when her older sister Katheryn became pregnant with little Charlie.  Mr. Cox sent Charlie Cox away to Ratton, NM and kept a guard on him so he could not marry Katheryn.  Katheryn did not let anyone know she was pregnant.  She left for Oklahoma to Uncle Ellick (Alex) O達ryan.  Silas tried to find Katheryn, wrote to Uncle Ellick and he told Silas Katheryn was there.  In the meantime, Katheryn had gotten on a train not knowing what to do or where to go.  She met a woman who took her in, then contacted Silas.  He went to the woman痴 place and took Katheryn home.  Katheryn痴 mother (Mary Emeline) was very bitter and did not help Katheryn.  The two half sisters (Kanzada and America) caused trouble for Katheryn.  Silas ordered America out of the yard, never to come back.  Mary Effie would stay at home to help Katheryn with the baby.    


Mary Effie meets Herman Lee Bausell and courting begins.  Herman composes many love poems to Mary Effie.  Mary Emeline and Silas do not approve of Herman Lee Bausell.  Mary Effie and Herman make plans to elope. 





Mary Effie O達ryan married Herman Lee Bausell March 25, 1910 in Hermitage, MO.  Katheryn (Mary Effie痴 sister) made Mary痴 wedding dress.  Mary and Herman planned to elope as Mary痴 parents didn稚 approve of Herman.  Little Charlie (Katheryn痴 son) told the parents before the elopement could take place and a visiting uncle promised Mary Effie a trip to Kansas City if she would change her mind.  Herman and Mary refused to give in to the pressure and were married.  Rose (Mary Effie痴 sister) took advantage of the trip to Kansas City. 

After the wedding they lived with Herman痴 parents Fuller Isaiah Bausell and Mary Francis (Knifong) Bausell.  Mary Francis did not care for Mary Effie and kicked Mary out one day while Herman was gone.  Silas O達ryan went and got Mary Effie and brought her home to stay.  Mary Effie refused to go back to Herman痴 parent痴 home and Herman until he had secured a place of their own.  It would be Silas (known as Doc O達ryan) who would tell Mary Effie she was pregnant.  Many decades later Mary Effie would say that although she watched animals on the farm mate and give birth all the time, it just never occurred to her that she was pregnant.  She would know from now on!! 

On December 21, 1910 Thelma Irene Bausell (the first of eight children) was born in Cross Timbers, MO, two months premature, weighing in at 3ス pounds.  Her bed would be a dresser drawer. 


Herman had joined the Army and was in Pensacola, FL.  Herman had gotten a house, cleaned and painted it and laid 40 yards of carpet.  (Mary Effie would later lay straw under the carpet to make it soft).  Mary Effie took her first train ride (to Pensacola, FL) to join Herman where he surprised Mary Effie with her first home.  Herman Lee didn稚 like the Army and he 澱ought his way out early and they returned to Cross Timbers, MO in 1912. 


Cloyd Lee Bausell was born January 12, 1913 in Cross Timbers, MO. (#2)

Herman built a covered wagon that slept the two children and the 2 adults, and held all the kitchen equipment.  It had two covers over the top and mosquito netting so they could have fresh air and they made their way to western Kansas.  When they arrived in western Kansas, Mary cooked for the men in the fields for $.75 a day until she learned she could get $2.75 per day bailing hay.  She got the job and saved her money.  Herman had a moustache she detested and she told him she would give him her savings if he shaved it off.  He agreed.  Herman didn稚 keep his end of the bargain so when he was asleep Mary Effie cut off half of his moustache.  Of course he had to shave the other half so Mary Effie won!!  They lived in this covered wagon for a year, saved their money and then returned to Missouri.  Now living in Kansas City, Mary Effie worked at a shirt factory and Herman worked at the state fair grounds.  In Fall, Herman went to work for the Missouri/Kansas/Topeka Railroad.  Herman wanted to go back into the service (WWI) but Mary wouldn稚 agree. 


Herman痴 mother sent a message that Fuller (Herman痴 father) was dying.  They immediately packed up and went home to Milan, MO. only to find nothing wrong with Fuller.  It seems Mary Francis wanted Mary Effie there to help her catch up on all her work. Herman went to work with his Uncle Brad Knifong and was only home on the weekends.  After Mary got all her mother-in-law痴 work caught up (and while Herman was away working with Uncle Brad), Mary Francis kicked Mary Effie and the two children out in the rain.  Mary Effie with two children in tow, walked to Herman痴 Uncle George痴 (George Flemm Bausell also married to a Knifong) son痴 house.  Upon hearing of this, Herman and Uncle Brad went and got Mary Effie, and the two kids, Thelma and Cloyd and moved them into a home owned by Uncle Brad Knifong in Yellow Creek, MO. (not far from Milan). Here they raised crops, turkeys and chickens. 


Mary Effie and Herman were both baptized into the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS).  


Herman and Mary Effie were once more back in western Kansas (Aliceville) working the hay harvest, and corn fed cattle and saving their money.  They moved to Sedalia, MO and bought a house. Herman went to work for the Missouri Pacific Railroad.  Mary Effie痴 sister, Katheryn痴 boy (鏑ittle Charlie) passes and is buried at Sweed Cemetery in Jordan, MO. with a beautiful large headstone.  Herman is ordained as an Elder in the RLDS Church, and begins his 45 year pastoral career. 

1918 1919

Frederick Madison Bausell is born on March 28, 1918 in Sedalia, MO (#3)

Mary Effie痴 sister Katheryn marries Charlie Cox (father of 鏑ittle Charlie) in Ratton, New Mexico.  Charlie Cox never got to see his son.

After being laid off from the Railroad, Herman traded the house for a wagon and team and moved to Cross Timbers /Jordan area of Hickory County, MO.  They rented a farm and raised 80 acres of corn and maze.  A flood washed everything away.  Mary Effie and the children moved ス mile from the Mulberry school while Herman went to western Kansas with Joe Yates to work in the wheat harvest. 


Kenneth Wright Bausell in born on July 15, 1920 in Cross Timbers, MO. (#4)

Mary Effie痴 sister Othello (O達ryan) Chappelow gives birth to her first child, Rowena Maxine.  Mary Effie痴 sister Rose Zetta O達ryan marries Earl Hodges in Independence, MO. On July 4th

Herman still working in the Kansas fields and saving his money came home with his first car, a Stanley Steamer.  Everyone came to see it.  It was nothing but trouble and sat more than it was driven.  Herman traded it for an Essex Touring Car which ran very well.   

1921 - 1922

Frederick Madison Bausell (Mary Effie and Herman痴 3rd child) passes on March 25, 1921.  He is buried on his 3rd birthday in Sweed Cemetery in Jordan, MO. not far from 鏑ittle Charlie.   Herman and Mary Effie move back to Sedalia where Mary Effie cooked and Herman worked in the fields.

They then moved on to Kansas City where they got word that Herman痴 brother was not expected to live, so they went back to Milan, Mo and once again went to work with Uncle Brad Knifong. Herman rented a farm and the crops were to be 50/50 with Uncle Brad financing the deal.

Herman (now ordained by The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) baptized and confirmed Cloyd Lee Bausell.  


Oliver Max Bausell is born on June 20, 1923 in Milan, MO.  (#5)

Mary Effie claims to have carried Max for 10-11 months.  This was her first child to be delivered by a doctor and weighed in at 14 pounds!!!!

Herman and Mary Effie decide to move to Colorado. 


Othello Jean Bausell is born in Utleyville, CO on October 8, 1924. (#6)

Arriving in Utleyville, CO, Herman begins working for McNess Products.  After building his own merchandise cabinets, Herman drives the car into the fields selling household products. 


Mary Effie痴 sister Katheryn (O達ryan) Cox (mother of 鏑ittle Charlie) passes in Trinidad, New Mexico while Mary Effie and Herman are still in Colorado.   


Wanda Rose Bausell is born on January 31, 1926 in Graft, CO.  (#7)

Herman and Mary Effie are living in a 泥ugout, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, and front room.  Herman continues to sell McNess Household Products.  Herman also buys up old batteries and brass radiators.  He makes $500 on this and they decide to buy a laundry.  The laundry did not work out and they moved back to Utleyville where they farmed on 80 acres with a crop of beans.  ****After harvesting the beans, they traded their Model T Ford in for a Nash, packed up the family.   


Herman finds himself with Inflammatory Rheumatism and is bedridden.  Cloyd at age 13 drives the Model T and takes over Herman痴 McNess Products route to support the family.  Mary Effie sells 8 horses, 14 cows, 35 hogs, 200 chickens and moves the family to Springfield, Colorado.  Mary Effie runs a laundry from home and cares for the family. Cloyd picks up and delivers laundry in the Model T.  Herman sits on a stool and does the flat ironing. Thelma (now 17) goes to work as a waitress and also travels to Prichert for the berry crop.  Doctor Hamilton is paid by regularly cleaning his office and doing the laundry.  Herman couldn稚 hold a regular job due to his health, but could put up a house when he was able to work. Herman and Mary built 2 houses on 2 lots in Prichert and sold them for cash to feed the family.   

Herman and Mary Effie travel to Cross Timbers, MO on a visit to see Mary Effie痴 parents (Silas and Mary Emaline O達ryan) and family.  They stay about 6 weeks and this would be the last time Mary Effie would see her parents.  Silas and Mary Emaline would see all of Mary Effie痴 children except the last one. 


Now back in Utleyville, CO, Herman plants 80 acres of beans and moves an old house onto the property for the family to live in. Cloyd works for Roy Webb and feeds the family until the crop comes in.  Thelma takes care of the house and kids while Mary Effie (pregnant once more), works in the fields with Herman. 


Bruce Byron Bausell is born on August 28, 1929 in Utleyville, CO.  (#8)

Mary Effie and Herman lived about 65 miles from the nearest doctor (Dr. Hamilton); therefore Bruce was 2 hours old when the doctor arrived.  Britty Cashaw and Sister Berry (Cloyd痴 boss wife) delivered Bruce. Dr. Hamilton declares 鄭 healthy boy with square shoulders weighing in at 12 pounds.  Cloyd rides a horse to deliver the news to the rest of the children that 展e have a baby brother. 

The family sells out, packs up, and on Christmas day heads for Imperial Valley, CALIFORNIA!! 


By the time the family arrived in Imperial Valley in February, they had a total of $.50 to their name.  This money was for milk for the new baby.  Immediately upon arriving, the entire family (including all children except baby Bruce) went to work picking cotton. Herman痴 new song was 摘leven cent cotton and forty cent meat, how in the world can a poor man eat.  Living first in the open, they moved into a deserted house. Herman and Cloyd got jobs at the Ice Plant in El Centro, CA.  Herman traded wages for food and there was plenty to eat.   

Mary Effie went to work for Mrs. Scolia in Seely, CA baking bread and pies.  Mrs. Scolia痴 daughter had told her she wouldn稚 come and visit anymore if she didn稚 give up the caf.  After Mrs. Scolia got to know Mary Effie and the rather large family and found out she was Irish, she gave the run down caf to Mary Effie!!  So Mary Effie got the cafe and Mrs. Scolia went to live with her daughter in Hollywood, CA.  The men set to work renovating the caf.  Herman built several new tables, three 12 foot long ones and several smaller ones. They put in a new sink, stove and refrigerator.  The old sink was used as a playpen for baby Bruce.  After Herman put in a new toilet and shower, the family moved and lived in the back of the caf.  Herman continued to drive the ice truck while Mary Effie worked the caf.  Mary Effie sold monthly tickets and did all the cooking, even the bread and pies.  Mary Effie would work the caf for four years. 

Othello Jean was starting first grade so Thelma took her to El Centro and bought her black patent Mary Jane shoes to start school.  Wanda Rose (Wendy) would run off and follow Jean to school and squeeze into Jean痴 seat.  One day Wendy (afraid to leave school), wet her pants and Wendy and Jean sat there for hours.  After that, the teacher decided to enroll Wendy in school too. 

Thelma ran away to San Diego and met Mike Grimm, USN.  They would marry in 1932. 

Cloyd helped in the caf and met Junior Pippenger who was hungry, alone and had an old car.  Cloyd brought him home.  Junior lived with the Bausells until he married, and was a close family friend.     


The family finally bought and moved into a home on New River and Highway 80 in Seely, CA. The house was large and it sat on 5 acres. During the Depression, entire families would come up Hwy 80 tired, hungry and looking for work.  Mary Effie did her best to feed anyone she could.   


Thelma marries Michael 釘ennie Grimm in San Diego, CA.  Mike had been in the Navy since 1928 and would go to work for L.B. Price Co. upon his discharge in 1934.  In 1935 Herman would baptize Mike into the RLDS (Reorganized Latter Day Saints) Church. 


The family packs up and moved to San Diego, CA.  They bought the house at 4802 Kenmore Terrace.  The house cost $600 @ $6.00 per month.  The children all came down with the measles and a quarantine sign was put on the door.  This measles epidemic would cause vision problems for baby Bruce for the rest of his life.  The children started school and Kenny would walk them to and from school until they learned their way.  Cloyd was still in Seeley, CA with the Ice Route, coming home on weekends.  Herman went to work doing odd jobs then started working for $1.00 a day, six days a week. 

1934 - 1936

Herman goes to work for L.B. Price Co. and Cloyd takes over the service station on Park Blvd and El Cajon where Herman had worked.  Later Cloyd would also start working at L.B. Price as a collector.   

Mary Effie has gall bladder surgery and Herman does all the cooking.  Your choice: baked beans, baked beans or baked beans.   

Wendy is put into a Sanitarium for Anemia and not expected to live.  After 18 months, she was able to come home in 1936 but could only go to school ス days and would have to spend another year in 5th grade. 

Cloyd passes on May 15, 1936 in San Diego, CA from a ruptured appendix that had gone green (gangrene), just six months before Penicillin was available over the counter which would have saved his life.  Wendy is down with the mumps and can稚 attend Cloyd痴 funeral.   

Kenny goes into the Sanitarium with Tuberculosis for six months but finally is well enough to come home. 

Six months after Cloyd passes, Max is extremely ill with Pneumonia. The Dr. flies Penicillin in from New York (now it痴 available) for Max, and although he has an allergic reaction to it, it saves his life. 

All medical procedures are done at the County Hospital for 渡o charge and Mary Effie proclaims 典HANK YOU USA!!  AND THANK YOU LORD!!.  

Times are hard and Thelma (now married to Mike) brings clothes and helps Mary Effie and Herman any way she can with the children. 


Mary Effie痴 father (Silas Wright O達ryan) passes on March 23, 1937 in Kansas City, MO.  Mary Effie cannot afford to go to the funeral.  

Kenny and Max now in their teen years and flexing their testosterone are constantly at each other.  Kenny and Max get into a fight in the Egyptian Theatre and Kenny is in jail for the week-end.  Herman sells 徹ld Bessie the cow to get bail money for Kenny.

Ken gets his first suit.  Max wears it out without Ken痴 permission and Ken sees him out at night time on the city street.  Max takes the suit off and hands it to friend Bob Landis and he and Ken fight under the street light with Max in only his shorts. 

Jean works at the cleaners for $.30 hr. on the 3-9 night shift and all day on Saturdays.  Max and Ken both work at the 12th St. Market.  Max as a vegetable trimmer for $21 per week and Ken for $39 per week.  Ken gets fired for slipping change under the runner by the cash register.  When Ken told them they weren稚 paying him enough, they rehired him for more money. 


Ken graduates from Hoover High School (the first graduate in the Bausell family).  When Mary Effie and Herman could not afford a suit for Ken, Hoover High School bought Ken an entire outfit for graduation, including the shoes.   


Mary Effie痴 mother (Mary Emaline (Hewgley) Drennan O達ryan) passes on March 25, 1939.  Once again Mary Effie could not afford to go to the funeral.  Mary Effie signs over her share of the estate to Othello (O達ryan) Chappelow and her husband Cecil who cared for Silas and Mary Emaline in their later years.  

Herman is working at the Civic Centre as a gardener and is also remodeling and adding on to the house on Kenmore Terrace.  Ken is still working at the 12th St. Market.  Max is driving a Liquor truck and Mary Effie is working at the Good Will.  


Herman will finish the addition and remodel on the Kenmore Terrace home in 1940.  Mary Effie痴 sister Othello (O達ryan) Chappelow and husband Cecil will visit San Diego and the entire California Bausell Clan will have dinner and step out for the night in La Jolla with the visitors. 

1941 - 1942

Thelma and Mike pick up Herman, Mary Effie and Bruce and travel to Missouri where they will visit with all the relatives of both the O達ryan and Bausell sides of the family.  Many photos are taken and they will prove to be the last group pictures of Mary Effie,  her sisters and half sisters.  The pictures of Herman with his brother Allen and family also will be the last group shot.  These photos (as with all family photos starting in 1898) will be treasured and passed down in the family.  Herman, Mary Effie and the family were in church when they heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

The war is on and the family finds themselves all working for Consolidated Air Craft.  Herman works in the parts bin, Mary Effie works the drill press. Kenny works there about six months.

Kenny finally enters the Army on February 9, 1942, after failing his first urinalysis (TB) but had a friend submit his second specimen and passed.  Max enters the Army on February 2, 1942 and is sent to Ft. McArthur, San Francisco, CA. 


Kenny meets and marries Pat Fields in Los Angeles.  Pat would divorce Kenny that same year.  Jean graduates from high school and goes to work for Consolidated Aircraft with Herman and Mary Effie as a draftsman in the Engineering Dept.  Wendy (still in school) works the graveyard shift as a riveter. 


Herman purchases ranch land in Escondido, CA and begins to build a home.  Herman痴 brother (Gird Merane Bausell) dies in San Diego, CA.

Herman presents Mary Effie with a watch for 34 years of marriage, complete with a love letter:

            This is something you always wanted, but never had.  It expresses the love, admiration and respect I have for you.  You are not perfect but perfect enough to forgive a hard and cranky companion, and to stand and fight 努ith and for those you love.

            I love and admire your beautiful virtues.  Your imperfections have never clouded my vision, but I have been able to look beyond and see the beauty and glory of your noble soul.  Our lot has been a hard one and yet we have had many happy days together and there are many more happy days before us.

            You, my dear, and the Restored Gospel have made me what I am.

                                                Yours Ever,

                                                            H. L. B.     

Attached to the package was this note:

            Thirty-four years ago today you pledged your allegiance and loyalty to me and most faithfully you have lived up to your vows on that day.  With me you have endured the bitter with the sweet, without complaint.  And I am happy to acknowledge your faithfulness after these thirty-four years and present this gift as a token of my appreciation of such a companion.

                                                Yours Ever,



Herman, Mary Effie, Wendy and Bruce move into the house on the Ranch in Escondido, CA.  Jean meets Tony Gehringer, USN.  Kenny and Tony are shipped to Okinawa, Jean attends  college at Graceland in Lamoni, Iowa.  In December, Bruce, Mary Effie and Jean drive to Butler, MO where Bruce enters Butler High School. 


Jean returns to Graceland College and plans her wedding to Tony.  Kenny returns from Okinawa in February.  Tony photographs Bikini Atoll for the first Atomic Bomb.  In July, Jean marries Tony Gehringer in St. Patrick痴 Cathedral Catholic Church in San Diego, CA with Kenny as best man.  In August, Herman, Mary Effie, Bruce, Wendy and Max (now out of the Army) move back to Butler, MO.  In December, Wendy marries Charles Earl Bybee in Olatha, Kansas. 


Mary Jean Gehringer is born on July 13, 1947 in Atlantic City, NJ.  This is the first grandchild for Herman and Mary Effie (parents Othella Jean (Bausell) Gehringer and Tony Gehringer). 

Kenny is stationed at Fairfield AFB in Kansas.  Bruce (age 16) visits during Open House and Kenny puts him to work driving a gas truck on the flight line re-fueling the planes.  Kenny is sent to Guam.  Much to the family痴 dismay, Thelma divorces Mike Grimm. 


Linda Louise Gehringer is born on August 20, 1948 in Patuxent River, MD 2nd grandchild for Herman and Mary Effie.

Tony, Jean and the girls visit Herman and Mary Effie in Butler, MO.

Bruce graduates Butler High School and prepares to attend Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa. 


Craig Earl Bybee is born in Harrisonville, MO. On January 23, 1949 3rd grandchild, first boy (parents Wanda Rose (Bausell) Bybee and Earl Bybee).

Ricci Rae Rucker is born in San Diego, CA on August 24, 1949 4th grandchild, 3rd girl (parents Thelma Irene (Bausell) and Rex Rucker).

Tony and Jean are transferred to Salinas, CA where Tony begins Line School in Monterey, CA.

In June, Bruce and a friend work following crops from CA to WA visiting Jean and Tony and girls in Salinas, CA on the migration.  After sending a telegram to Mary Effie on her birthday,  Kenny returns home from Guam in July. Tony and jean are transferred to Chicago and visit Herman and Mary Effie in Butler, MO on drive to back to Chicago. 


Ned Gehringer is born on July 23, 1950 at Great Lakes Naval Station outside of Chicago, IL 5th grandchild.  Ned痴 twin sister Barbara dies the same day.

Karen Kay Bybee is born in Harrisonville, MO on December 2, 1950 6th grandchild

Herman, Mary Effie and Bruce leave Butler, MO and move to San Bernardino, CA at 1232 Cedar St.  Bruce enlists in the Air Force and is sent to Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX but sends a telegram home wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Thelma and Rex Rucker finally marry on Christmas Eve.   


Bruce is stationed first at Ft. Gordon in Augusta, GA and then in Mt. Home, Idaho.  He meets Ann Jarvis and they are married in October, 1951. 


Michael Gehringer is born on June 13, 1952 in Memphis, TN 7th grandchild

Tony and Jean are transferred from Chicago to Memphis, Tennessee and then in December to Alameda NAS in Alameda, CA.  They settle into a house in San Lorenzo.  Max meets Rose Ramono and they are married in Yuma Arizona on June 29, 1952 and visit Jean and Tony in San Lorenzo, CA.  Herman and Mary Effie rent out the house on Cedar St and move in with Kenny on base (March AFB).  Wendy and kids live with them for 3 months. Herman, Mary Effie and Kenny spend Christmas with Tony and Jean. 


Christy Elaine Bausell is born on April 26, 1953 at Norton AFB in CA. 8th grandchild -  (parents Bruce and Ann (Jarvis) Bausell. 

Bruce and Kenny are both stationed at March AFB in Riverside, CA.  Jean and Tony purchase a new house in Hayward, CA and then Tony leaves for Korea.  Kenny drives Jean and children to March AFB for a visit in July. 


Bruce Brian Bausell is born at Norton AFB in CA on February 20, 1954 9th grandchild (parents Bruce and Ann (Jarvis) Bausell.

Bruce is transferred to Mead Bay, WA and he, Ann and Christy visit Tony and Jean in Hayward, CA on their drive up.

Tony and Jean leave Hayward, CA and report back to Memphis where Tony takes over the Naval Electronics School. 

Kenny marries Marlene Marie Downs in Big Bear, CA on September 3, 1954 and visits Tony and Jean in Memphis during their honeymoon.  Kenny and Bruce (now stationed back at March AFB in Riverside, CA) buy new homes in Riverside next door to each other.

Thelma divorces Rex Rucker.

Herman and Mary Effie take a long trip visiting the whole family. 


 A visit from Mary Effie痴 sister Othella (O達ryan) Chappelow and husband Cecil from Kansas City, MO takes place at the Cedar St. house in San Bernardino, CA.  Most of the family attends including Bruce and family, Kenny and family, and Jean and family.   


Debbra Ann Bausell is born at Norton AFB on March 10, 1956 10th grandchild (parents Bruce and Ann (Jarvis) Bausell).

Victor Wright Bausell is born at March AFB in Riverside, CA on August 3, 1956 11th

Grandchild (parents Ken and Marie (Downs) Bausell.   


Bruce, Ann and children visit Wendy in Harrisonville, MO and she drives them to Memphis, TN for a visit with Jean and Tony.

Jean and Tony once again get orders for Patuxent River, MD.   


Michelle Bausell is born and passes same day in February, 1958 (parents Bruce and Ann (Jarvis) Bausell).

Jean and Tony arrive in Patuxent River, MD.

Herman and Mary Effie visit family in Kansas City, MO.  While there, Herman (age 73) has a heart attack and enters the hospital.  Bruce and Kenny drive non-stop from San Bernardino, CA to Kansas City MO.  Herman is stabilized and he and  Mary Effie fly home (first flight for both).

Max and Rose visit Jean and Tony in Patuxent River and the men clear 50 feet of virgin timber for a shooting range.

Wendy, Earl and kids visit Tony and Jean in August.

Jean attends St. Mary痴 Seminary in September 1958. 


Cecilia Marie Bausell is born on March 23, 1959 at March AFB in Riverside, CA 12th grandchild (parents Kenny and Marie (Downs) Bausell.

Jean graduates from St. Mary痴 Seminary.

Herman composes a love poem to Mary Effie called 溺y Little Chickadee 


Anthony Kenneth Gehringer is born on January 18, 1960 in Patuxent River, MD 13th grandchild (parents Othella Jean (Bausell) and Tony Gehringer).

Valerie Lynn Bausell is born at Norton AFB on March 7, 1960 14th grandchild (parents Bruce and Ann (Jarvis) Bausell). 

On March 27, 1960, Herman and Mary Effie celebrate their 50TH Wedding Anniversary!!! A reception was given in their honor in the recreational hall of the RLDS church in Redlands, CA. with approximately 150 guests.  A buffet brunch for relatives and intimate friends was served at the family home prior to the reception.  Family in attendance included Thelma Rucker and daughter; Wanda Bybee and two children; and Bruce Bausell USAF stationed at March AFB in CA, wife and four children.  Absent were M. Sgt. K. W. Bausell USAF, wife and two children who are stationed in Japan; Oliver Max Bausell, stationed in Alaska with Federal Electric Corp.; and Mrs. E. W. Gehringer, wife of Lt. Com. E. W. Gehringer of Maryland and five children.  Surprise guests included Mary Effie痴 nephew Jackie Smith of Cross Timbers, MO and a cousin Silas W. O達ryan (namesake of her late father) born in Hickory County, MO near Macks Creek whom she hadn稚 seen for nearly 60 years. 


Jean, Tony and family once again stationed in Alameda, CA return to their Goodrich St. house in San Lorenzo, CA.  Jean goes back to college while Tony flies a USN V.I.P. plane (VIP痴 include Robert Kennedy).  They start building Jean痴 泥ream House atop the hill in Hayward, CA.  


Thelma marries Winthrop Cuttington Bowles on February 24, 1962 and move north to Stockton, CA. close to Jean and Tony.

Bruce returns from Spain and drives his sports car from New York to Beale AFB in Northern CA where he will be stationed and buys a mobile home on the base.

Kenny, Marie and family return from Japan. 


Herman Lee Bausell passes on August 14th, 1963.  The funeral is held in the Mark B. Shaw Chapel on Saturday, August 17th, 1963 at 10:00 A.M.  Herman is buried at Montecito Memorial Park in San Bernardino, CA.  Mary Effie moves to Beal AFB with Bruce. 

Bruce and Ann are divorced, Bruce loses custody battle of all children except Bruce Jr. 

Thelma, Win and Ricci move into the new house on Overlook Ave. in Hayward with Jean, Tony, and family.  Thelma watches Jean痴 youngest as Jean finishes college and graduates.  Upon graduation, Jean teaches kindergarten.    

Christmas is celebrated at Jean and Tony痴 new house on the hill in Hayward, CA.  The entire family is there except for Max and Rose.  This is the first Christmas without Herman Lee. 


In February Tony Gehringer retires from the United States Navy and begins San Francisco State College.

In June Kenny retires from the United States Air Force and he and Tony train at Allstate Insurance in Menlo Park, CA. 

Craig Bybee moves to Beale AFB with Mary Effie, Bruce, and Bruce Jr.

Tony takes an Allstate position in Oroville, CA and he, Jean and family buy another house.

Gehringer family and Mary Effie, Bruce and Bruce Jr. have Christmas in Oroville in a near empty house. 


Jean, Tony and family move into new house in Oroville.  Mary Jean attends Yuba College.  Jean is operated on at Beale AFB.  Jean starts teaching at Thermalito school.  In August Mary Jean transfers to University of Hawaii.

Bruce is transferred to Hawaii in July and Mary Effie, Bruce Jr. and Debbra all go.

Wendy, Karen and Craig move to Oroville, CA. 

Tony flies to Hawaii for Christmas to visit Mary Jean and the family while Wendy, Jean and kids have Christmas together in Oroville. 


Wendy, Karen and Craig Bybee move back to San Bernardino, CA.

Mary Jean Gehringer works for a doctor and his family while attending the University of Hawaii.  Jean, Tony and Tony Ken visit Mary Jean and the family in July.  Tony quits Allstate and begins working for Wards and in December goes to work for the Butte County Assessors Office in Chico, CA.  


Thelma and daughter Ricci visit Mary Effie and family in Hawaii for Ricci痴 High School graduation gift.  Ricci marries Wayne Gonsalves in November. 

Mary Jean returns from Hawaii and attends Chico University in Chico, CA.  The Gehringer family spends Christmas in San Diego with Kenny Bausell and family. 


Mary Effie, Bruce, Bruce Jr. and Debbra all return from Hawaii.  Bruce痴 next assignment is Westover, MA.  Upon returning they first visit Kenny and family in San Diego, then pick up Christy Elaine, and Karen and Craig Bybee and set off  to Butler, Cross Timbers and Kansas City, MO.  They attend 典he Picnic of Old Friends  at Lake of the Ozarks.  They continue on to Niagara Falls, Kirkland Temple, and arrive at Max and Rose Bausell痴 home in NJ.  Westover, MA where they will make their home is the next stop.   

In August, Mary Effie suffers a heart attack and is flown to Springfield, MA where her first 撤acemaker is installed. 

Max and Rose Bausell spend Christmas with Mary Effie, Bruce and family. 


Karen Bybee has a baby boy (Paul Anthony Bybee) on February 27th, 1969 1st great grandchild for Mary Effie.

Ricci (Rucker) Gonsalves gives birth to a boy (Wayne Anthony Gonsalves) on August 1, 1969 2nd great grandchild for Mary Effie. 

Kenny, Marie, Victor and Cecilia visit Mary Effie and Bruce in Westover, MA.  Both families vacation together in Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and visit Max and Rose in New Jersey.  Kenny and family next visit the Gehringers in Oroville, CA. in July and are back again for Thanksgiving. 

Mary Jean Gehringer enters the United States Air Force in August. Linda Gehringer marries Mike Boynton in Chico, CA in September.     


Mary Effie buries her 3rd child  when Kenneth Wright Bausell passes on February 5, 1970.  A drunk driver hits him head on, leaving a wife and 2 children and Kenny is buried in El Camino Cemetery in San Diego, CA.  The family gathers in San Diego to put their beloved Kenny to rest. This is a major emotional trauma to the entire family. 

After Bruce is transferred to South Dakota, Jean, Tony and Tony Ken drive out and visit with Mary Effie, Bruce and Bruce Jr.  In August, Mary Effie, Bruce and Bruce Jr. move to Oroville, CA and buy a house in preparation for Bruce痴 retirement from the United States Air Force in October.  

Bruce finally convinces Mary Effie to go for a check-up and Mary Effie receives her 2nd 撤acemaker at Travis AFB in CA.  Max flies in from New Jersey, and Thelma and husband Win; her daughter Ricci and family; and Wendy and son Craig all drive up to visit Mary Effie in the hospital.  The Dr. would not allow Mary Effie痴 2nd great grandchild into her room for her to see for the first time, so grand uncle Max baby sits at the motel while Ricci visits Mary Effie. 


Bruce and nephew Ned Gehringer both start Butte College.  Mary Jean Gehringer flies home to Oroville, CA to marry Terry Unkel.  They will live at Beverly AFB in New Jersey as they are both stationed there.

Bruce works the summer in Alaska for ITT.  Bruce Jr. joins the United States Marine Corp. and is stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. 


In April, Thelma has a heart attack in San Bernardino, CA. 

In June, both Bruce and Ned graduate from Chico, University.  Tony Gehringer commissions Ned into the United States Marines.  Jean and Tony buy a home with walnut and almond orchards in Durham, CA.  


Bruce Jr. has a motorcycle accident in March and is released from the hospital in May.  He will be discharged from the Marine Corp in August.

Craig Bybee and Dorothy Wood are married on June 18, 1973 in Oroville, CA.  Karen Bybee and Joe Herring are married on September 29, 1973 in San Bernardino, CA. 

Max separates from Rose and moves to California.   

Mary Effie, Bruce, Max, the Gehringers, and the Boyntons all have Christmas together.  Ned leaves Christmas day to report for training at 29 Palms, CA. 


Marquez Eugene Vasquez is born on April 30, 1974 in Fremont, CA. 3rd great grandchild for Mary Effie.  Parents George and Ricci (Rucker) Vasquez.  Mary Effie, Bruce, and Jean attend the christening in Fremont, CA.

Joel Michael Boynton is born on September 10, 1974 in Chico, CA. 4th great grandchild for Mary Effie. Parents Mike and Linda (Gehringer) Boynton.

September 23, 1974 Tawana Nichole Bausell in born in Chico, CA. 5th great grandchild for Mary Effie.  Parents Bruce Bausell Jr. and Sarah Pennock. 

Max purchases a coach home in San Diego, CA and Thelma moves in with him.  Max leaves in June for Thailand to work for ITT, but returns home in November due to a heart condition.   

Ned leaves for Okinawa, and Mike enters Candidate School in Florida. 

Mary Effie, Bruce, Thelma, Max, Wendy and grandchildren Ricci, Karen, Craig and families all spend Christmas in San Bernardino, CA at Wendy痴 home.  Thelma has another heart attack.   


Scott Earl Bybee is born on February 28th, 1975 in Portland, OR 6th great grandchild for Mary Effie.  Parents Dorothy and Craig Bybee.

Tiffanee Lyn Vasquez is born on May 22, 1975 in Fremont, CA. 7th great grandchild for Mary Effie.  Parents George and Ricci (Rucker) Vasquez.   

Tony Gehringer presents his son with his Naval Award as Mike is commissioned into the United States Navy in Pensacola, FL. 

Ned is released from the Marine Corp in August and enters Spartan School of Aviation in Tulsa, OK in September. 

In October Thelma suffers a series of strokes and is hospitalized but comes home for Christmas.  Max takes care of her.  Max divorces Rose in New York. 

Mary Effie has a fifth 撤acemaker installed in December, 1975 at Travis AFB and comes home in two days. 

Mary Effie, Bruce, Jean, Tony, Ned, Mike and the Boynton family all have Christmas together at Jean and Tony痴 home. 


In early March, Max packs up and drives Thelma to her daughter Ricci痴 home in Fremont, CA. to live.  Severely debilitated by the strokes she has suffered, Thelma needs around the clock care.  Ricci cares for her for six months, then finds it necessary to put her in a nursing home.   Thelma Irene (Bausell) Bowles passes on December 14, 1976.  Per her request, she is quietly cremated and no service is held.  Mary Effie has now buried four of her eight children and her husband.  


Wanda Rose (Bausell) Bybee marries Virgil Dean Ledbetter in Carson city, NV. 


On May 16, 1978 the family receives an invitation to the Decommissioning Ceremony for the U.S.S. Bausell.  Named after Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Lewis Kenneth Bausell of the United States Marine Corps, the ship is retired on May 30, 1978 after 32 years of continuous service.     

On December 18, 1978 at age 49, Bruce Byron Bausell passes and Mary Effie must bury her fifth and youngest child.  The funeral takes place in Oroville, CA and Bruce is laid to rest next to his father Herman Lee Bausell in Montecito Memorial Park, San Bernardino, CA. 

Between Christmas and New Years Mary Effie痴 daughter Jean and husband Tony (with help from other family members) move her belongings back to San Bernardino where she moves in with her youngest daughter Wanda and her husband. 


Mary Effie makes her home with Wanda for several months but decides that she misses having  her own home to care for so she and Wanda start looking for a place that will accept her dog Missy. 


Wanda and husband Dean move Mary Effie into her own apartment within a retirement community where she and her dog Missy will settle in.  Her already poor eyesight on a steady decline, within a few months Mary Effie realizes she cannot function in the day to day duties of caring for herself such as cooking, taking her medicine and reading the dials on such things as the thermostat and the washer and dryer.  Mary Effie comes to the realization that she needs a more structured and monitored atmosphere and decides to move into a care facility.   


On February 7, 1981, Mary Effie O達ryan Bausell passes to the Lord.  She is buried next to her husband of 53 years Herman Lee Bausell and her youngest son Bruce Byron Bausell in Montecito Memorial Park, San Bernardino, CA.   



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