Context for these photos can be found in the Family Group Sheets submitted by Ricci Powell.

Three generations are available: Caleb Hall O'Bryan (1827-1902), Silas Wright O'Bryan (1854-1937), General Ivy O'Bryan (1881-1961).



Silas O'Bryan Homestead, Cross Timbers (1926)

Back row, left to right: Mary Emeline Hewgley O'Bryan, Mary Effie O'Bryan Bausell holding Wanda Rose Bausell, Othello O'Bryan Chappelow, Silas Wright O'Bryan, Herman Lee Bausell

Front row, left to right: Max Bausell, Rowena Chappelow, Kenneth Bausell, Othello Jean Bausell





 Silas and Mary Emaline (Hawgley)

 O'Bryan, ca. late 1930s

























O'Bryan Sisters   

Othello, Rose,  

Mary Effie, Annie  

(Daughters of Silas &

Mary Emaline)  





 Mary Effie O'Bryan

 and uncle, William

 Perry O'Bryan

 (Daughter of Silas & Mary

 Emaline O'Bryan; older

 brother of Silas Wright







 Cross Timbers, Circa 1917

 Back: Herman Lee Bausell and his

 father-in-law Silas Wright O'Bryan


 Front: Thelma and Cloyd Bausell,

 children of Herman & Mary Effie

 (O'Bryan) Bausell





Photo at right:    

Starks Creek, Hickory Co., ca. 1927    

Top to bottom:   

Othello (O'Bryan) Chappelow,   

husband Cecil & daughter Rowena Chappelow   




   Left: Cross Timbers, 1943    

  Herman Lee Bausell & wife,

   Mary Effie (O'Bryan) Bausell

  For a timeline of Mary Effie's life,

  click here.







 Thelma Irene Bausell   

 1911, age 8 months   

 daughter of Herman Lee and Mary  

 Effie (O'Bryan) Bausell







Cloyd Bausell, 1914

(son of Herman Lee &

Mary Effie (O'Bryan) Bausell





 Frederick Bausell, 1919

 Son of Herman Lee &

 Mary Effie (O'Bryan) Bausell







Like many families from Hickory County, the Bausells moved back and forth between Hickory County and various parts of the West, especially Colorado and southern California.


Photos and article on this page submitted by Ricci Powell, granddaughter of Herman & Mary Effie Bausell. For many more photos and detailed family information, please see her family page at


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