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110 Attend ’80 and Over’ Event

At Wheatland Baptist Church


      Another enjoyable day seemed to be the opinion of those who attended the “80 & Over” Day at Wheatland Baptist Church Sunday, Sept 5, 1982. Some 110 people assembled (several did not register) for the afternoon program, fellowship, gifts and refreshments.

      J. T. Wright was emcee for the event and reminisced a bit of how the “80 & Over” originated Oct. 4, 1954. Bro. J. L. Wright gave the invocation followed by a song, “What a Friend” by the congregation.

      The 90 yr. people were recognized. Lillie (Haymes) Miller, 99, Urbana, Pat Chancellor, 96, Wheatland, Grace (Feltman) Blackwell, 94, Lowry City, Beulah (Breshears) Byrum, 91, Fristoe who still has her store.

      There were 38-80’s who stood and gave their ages and where they were from: 80’s: Dolsie Shelten, Weaubleau, Dorothy (Shield) Oliver, Wheatland, Edna (Hofstetter) Williams, Weaubleau, Etta (Mears) Yocham, Weaubleau, Reta (Stevens) Miller, Port Townsend, Wash.

      81’s: Ruth Thomas Green, Wheatland, Blanche (Bridges) Andrews, Urbana, Eldon Powers, Wheatland.

      82’s: Eltha (Kelly) Vanderford and Jess Vanderford, Wheatland, Pearl (Bartshe) Wilson, Bolivar, Bertha (Bastion) Johnson, Pittsburg, Margaret (Anderson) Lindstrom, Hermitage, Nellie (Allen) Burns, Osceola.

      83’s: Tommy Moore, Lesta (Ramsey) Zehr, Audra (Miller) Ramsey, Wheatland, Ila McCutcheon, Ruby (Proctor) Glanville, Urbana.

      84’s: Eathel (Lopp) Moore, Wheatland, Annis (Kelly) Gardner, Greenfield, Julia (Bastion) Buckner, Pearl Richards, Bolivar, Delia (Foltz) Fields, Independence, Anthus (Bandel) Wright, Wheatland.

      85’s: Bro. J. L. Wright, Wheatland.

      86’s: Harry Hutton, Eugene Baker, Weaubleau, Ethel (Breshears) Myers, Wheatland, George W. Yocham, Weaubleau, Emma (Doyal) Reno, Pearl (Hammond) Sherman, Wheatland.

      87’s: Wayland P. Gardner, Greenfield, Arthur Breshears, Edwards.

      88’s: Cyrus C. Myers.

      89’s: Stella (Boone) Morton, Grace (LaRose) Jordan, Wheatland, Elmer Zirschky, Preston.

      There were eleven golden wedding couples: Tommy and Eathel Moore, 63 years; Harry and Susie Hutton, 58; Dolsie and Cecil Shelten, 52; Jess and Eltha Vanderford, 61; John and Ola Martin, 55; C. C. and Ethel Myers, 66; Loren and Neva Penny, 55; Bro. J. L. and Lena Wright, 60; George and Etta Yocham, 60; Wayland and Annis Gardner, 61; Ray and Ninnie Reavis, 51.

      The 70’s were asked to stand but names were not called. Mary Ina Hampton of Springfield read the Selvidge poem, “Ode to a Farmhouse”, written by a daughter, Zonita Shockley; Mrs. Josie Paxton read a tribute to Ort and Mollie (Brown) Paxton for a daughter, Dott Paxton Jackson of K.C.; Ethel Acker read a poem, “A Little Mixed Up” (a bit comic). The twins, Stella Morton read one that she said, “That’s Me!” and Grace Jordan read a “Tribute to Ozark Pioneers”, which she had written. A tribute to deceased ones was given by Mrs. Amy Ellis. Those who have passed on since last year: Minnie Glazebrook 101, Nora Fleeman 100, Fannie Allen 97, Ethel Bartshe 93, Mae Whelchel 93, Carrie Mabry 92, Earl Sands 92, Lena Foltz 92, Etta Ihrig 90, Eunice Beem 88, Lawrence Burton 85, Rosa Downs 80, Willis (Bill) Nance 75. She concluded with a poem by Edgar A. Guest.

      Volunteer numbers were given by Pat Chancellor, Eugene Baker, and Lillie Miller. The birthday song was sung for those having late birthdays, especially who had Sept. 4 natal days—Eathel Moore, Margaret Lindstrom and Lillie Miller.

      Gifts of Kleenex, boxes of cards, socks, pens, cakes of soap and picture frames were given to the couples. Some of the articles ran short. They were all invited to the annex for ice cream, cookies and punch. Lovely flowers were provided by Mrs. Alice Smith from her garden and were appreciated.

      We are indeed grateful to all who helped to make the event a happy one for so many—who want to come back. Especially to the financial donors, those who helped at the door, those who served refreshments and prepared tables, those who provided transportation and those on the program. Thanks to J. T. for being our emcee and to Mr. Baker for his brief and interesting talk at the close of the program. He gave a tribute to Mrs. Miller’s father, Mr. Haymes, a lawyer from Buffalo and told a watermelon seed story.

      We had several who were present for the first time. From the show of hands we will plan to have another “80 & Over” next year. Everyone looks forward to it.

                                                                        By Nannie Jinkens.


Posted 20 May 2007 by Ginny Sharp


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