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'80 and Over' Event Attracts 110 Sunday 

        The "80 and Over" event drew some 110 people to the Wheatland Baptist Church Sunday, Sept. 6, for  the 28th annual get-together.

        Nine people from the area were from 90 to 98 years. Beulah Byrum, 90, Edwards; Pat Chancellor, 95, Wheatland; Lillie Miller, 98, Urbana; Sadie E. Beach, 92 (will be 93 Sept. 18), Humansville; Carrie Mabry, 91, Weaubleau; Alta Hodges, 91, Cross Timbers; Grace Blackwell, 93, Lowry City; Lena Foltz, 90 (will be 91 Sept. 24), Lowry City; and Ada Gates, 94, Buffalo. Mrs. Gates repeated a short poem but quite a talent for one of her age. They all enjoyed being present and part of a group of contemporaries.

        J. T. Wright was our emcee again this year and conducted the program with a few remarks. The event originated in the park Oct. 3, 1954 and continued there until Sept. 6, 1959 (22 years ago today).

        Among the 110 people present there were 43 in the 80's, 15 couples and several 70's. Bro. J. L. Wright gave the invocation and a short talk, and the congregation sang "Amazing Grace." The honorees were taped as usual, as well as the program.

        Eugene Baker, 85, and Bro. Joe Yates, 80, gave lengthy talks and poems, a test of unusual memory of each one. Mrs. Ada Gates demonstrated a test of her memory of 94 years in her wheel chair, but her delivery was clever. Mrs. Myrtle Johnson was present for the first time and appeared on the program with some appropriate readings. We were glad to have her. Our faithful Lillie Miller, 98, of Urbana, also gave a poem with the aid of her reading glass, although her voice was shaky. She is quite active and did well for her years. Her birthday was one of three of the group that occurred Sept. 4 (Esthel Moore, Margaret Lindstrom, and Mrs. Miller).

        Following is a list of the 80's: L. O. Burton, 85, Lulu Burton, 81, Cross Timbers; Eugene Baker, 85, Alice (Hart) Baker, 83, Weaubleau; Roy L. Rush, 85, Roxie Rush, 82, Utley Looney, 83, Vivian Looney, 80, Julia Buckner, 83, Pearl Wilson, 81, all of Bolivar; Arthur Breshears, 86, Edwards; Myrtle Myers, 85, Lesta Zehr, 82, Audra Ramsey, 82, Emma Reno, 85, Jesse Vanderford, 80, Eltha Vanderford, 80, Pearl Sherman, 85, Bro. J. L. Wright, 84, Arthur Wright, 83, Tommy Moore, 82, Eathel Moore, 83, Stella Morton, 88, Grace Jordan, 88, Cyrus Myers, 87, Ethel Myers, 85, Ruth Green, 81, all of Wheatland; Ruby Glanville, 82, Urbana; Oliver Marsh, 85, Flemington; Bro. Joe Yates, 80, Floralice Yates, 80, Preston; Harry Hutton, 85, Nola Cauthon, 87, Weaubleau; Myrtle Johnson, 83, Margaret Lindstrom, 81, Hermitage; Bertha M. Johnson, 81, Pittsburg; Etta Holmes, 83, Cross Timbers; Wayland Gardner, 83, Annis Gardner, 83, Greenfield; Bertie Scarbrough, 86, Mertie Scarbrough, 83, Cross Timbers; Curtis Ihrig, Othal Ihrig, Walnut Grove.

        We wish to thank everyone who helped in any way to make the day a happy one for so many people. --Nannie Jinkens.



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