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Oldsters Honored At Special Affair


’80-and-Over Day’ at Wheatland


 By Nannie Jinkens


        We had another great day Sunday, Sept. 2, at the Wheatland Baptist Church at 2:05 p.m. J. T. Wright was M.C. again this year. He taped the program but did not get all the honorees taped. The program was shortened so oldsters did not get so tired as in the past. Perhaps they would rather visit than talk into a mike.

        Bro. J. L. Wright, 82, gave the invocation followed by Pat Chancellor, 93. The congregation sang “Amazing Grace”. Miss Geraldine Bird read a poem written by Mrs. Edith (Carpenter) Beem soon after this special day in 1965.

        Mrs. Bertha Young, 91, read “Mother’s Apron”. Mrs. Margaret Nowell, 99, gave her poem from memory, very sympathetically. Eugene Baker, 85, read “That Old Sweetheart of Mine” by James Whitcomb Riley. Birthday greetings from the White House from Jimmy and Roslyn Carter were presented to our two oldest members, Mrs. Minnie Glazebrook and Mrs. Margaret Nowell, both 99 in May. The greetings were requested by Mrs. Charles Berger, 3211 N. W. 22, Oklahoma City, Ok. 73107.

        Mrs. Alta Hodges gave a short talk and a reading “Grandmother’s Prayer”. She is approaching her 90th birthday. Mrs. Sada Edde, 80, was on the program but became car sick on the trip here from Bolivar. She and Mrs. Edith Tucker went to the funeral home until she felt better. She came and delivered her piece very well.

        Tribute to the deceased members since last year was given by Mrs. Amy Ellis, reading a poem written by Mrs. Grace Jordan. They were: Warder Maberrey, 94, Hermitage; Imo Chaney, 91, Humansville; Tom Bird, 84, Warrensburg; Earl Brenner, 89, Bolivar; Avis Hawkins, 87, Goodson; Effie Moore, 86, Weaubleau; Tom Pearson, 83, Wheatland; Eva Tillery, 85, Humansville; Atha (Riddle) Miller Anderson, 77, Cross Timbers; Floyd D. Foltz, 77, Wheatland; Phillip Blackwell, 72, Preston; Bro. Irvin Allen, 65, Weaubleau.

        Short talks, remarks, and testimonies were given by Anne Schnitker, Lena Foltz, Rena Pine and Sadie Beach.

        Our twins, Stella Morton and Grace Jordan, 86, received gifts. Mrs. Young and Mrs. Mae Whelchel, each 91, with one day’s difference between them also received special gifts. Ernest and Rena Pine and Alton and Mildred Parker tied for having same number of children—7. Ernest and Rena Pine received gifts for having come the longest distance. Pete and Maude Roth, 87 and 84 respectively, received the lovely pair of hand embroidered pillow cases sent by Lorene McEvoy of Grandview. They have been married 64 years. Mrs. Glazebrook received the flashlight for the oldest lady and Pat Chancellor the same for the oldest man.

        Eighties and otherwise mentioned above are: L. O. Burton, 83, Cross Timbers; Roy L. Rush, 83, Roxie Rush, 80, Bolivar; Lesta Zehr, 80, Wheatland; Santford Breshears, 83, Weaubleau; Lillie Downs, 81, Harrisonville; Harry Hutton, 83, Weaubleau; Arthur Ramsey, 81, Wheatland; Alta Hodges, 89, John Nance, 83, Cross Timbers; Alvin Nance, 86, Warsaw; Oliver Marsh, 83, Flemington; Eugene Baker, 84, Weaubleau; Charley Pack, 80, El Dorado Springs; Arthur Breshears, 84, Edwards; Edith Roberts, 81, Ruby Glanville, 80, Urbana; Carrie Mabry, 89, Weaubleau; Delia Fields, 82, Wheatland; Elmer Zirschky, 86, Preston; Clara Alcorn, 85, Lowry City; Tommy Moore, 80, Eathel Moore, 81, Pearl Sherman, 83, Wheatland; Evert and Myrtle Myers, each 83, Wheatland; Anna McCracken, 89, Bolivar; Jake and Iva Bird, 82 and 82, Anthus Wright, 81, Wheatland.

        The 90’s not otherwise mentioned: Lena Foltz, 90, (Sept. 24), Sadie Beach, 90, Wheatland.

        The following couples were present who have been married 50 or more years: L. O. and Lulu Burton, 63; Pete and Maude Roth, 64; Ernest and Rena Pine, 52; Roy and Roxie Rush, 60; Arthur and Audra Ramsey, 63; Jess and Eltha Vanderford, 58; John and Ola Martin, 52; J. L. and Lena Wright, 57; Lloyd and Dovie Reser, 57; Tommy and Eathel Moore, 60; Evert and Myrtle Myers, 62; Chester and Henrietta Russell, 52; Jake and Iva Bird, 62; Harry and Susie Hutton, 56.

        No offering was taken this year but several handed in donations. These offerings will help defray expenses of printing books and postage.

        A lovely red carnation corsage for Nannie Jinkens and a like boutonniere for J. T. Wright was left at the J. L. Wright home by the Teters Floral Company of Bolivar Saturday; also a lovely bouquet for the church for the occasion. Thanks to the anonymous donor.

        So many people helped or donated for the occasion so many ways that we are eternally grateful for everything. We missed several of our faithful members this year who could not be with us.



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