[October 1977]

Springfield Mo Daily News Leader, date not recorded.

This article was found in the Western Historical Manuscripts Collection-Columbia, Lucile Morris Upton, Papers, 1855-1986.


Over the Ozarks           Edited by Jean Davies

"80 & OVER" DAY

(Part I)

        It was another great day Sunday, Sept. 4, when some 115 people made their way to the Baptist church in Wheatland for the 24th annual "80 & Over" Day. The Bank of Hermitage sent a planter of red and white carnations and a number of people brought or sent cookies for our refreshment hour.

        Bro. Irvin Allen, Weaubleau, has been our MC for many years and enjoys chatting with the oldsters. Patrick Chancellor, 92, gave the invocation with well-chosen words. The congregation then sang, "What A Friend," followed by Myrtle Green, 87, Preston, giving a reading, "The Old Clay House." Mrs. Margaret Nowell, 97 on May 31, of the Care Center in Lowry City, gave a reading from memory she learned as a little girl going to school at Quincy. Her daughter, Mrs. Kathryn Gilbert, brought her.

        Eugene Baker, 81, Weaubleau, gave a talk and reading, "The Derelict," which he received a gold medal for in a contest at Grand Junction, Colo., in 1914. Eugene Harryman, though not an 80 yet, read "When Papa Shook the Stove." He has a world of information stored in his mind and also in scrapbooks and books of his writings. Mrs. Amy Ellis gave the tribute to those who departed this life since last year and read "L'Envoi."

        We had taped interviews and the visiting hour which all seemed to enjoy. Gifts were distributed to all the honorees, with special gifts to the oldest man, oldest lady, longest married couple and so on. We had six people 90 or over, 30 who were 80 and over and 14 couples who had been married 50 or more years.

*     *     *

        Our oldest person present was Mrs. Minnie (Graham) Glazebrook, Kansas City, who was 97 on May 20. She has attended before and wanted to come this year and her two daughters brought her. She is very alert and enjoyed seeing many old friends she knew when she lived here.

        Mrs. Fannie (Hostetler) Allen, 93, Weaubleau, came with her granddaughter, Linda West, and son-in-law, Delbert Wheeler. She gets around on her own, though does use a cane sometimes. She is from the Butcher area, but now lives in Weaubleau and has stayed out of the hospital this year.

        Warder Maberry, 93, was the oldest man present. He lives alone in his trailer near his daughter, Vivian, and Bro. Earnest Foltz, east of Hermitage. He is the father of nine children, so has a large family of "grands-and-greats" to enjoy. Granddaughter Nancy Brown brought him.

        Patrick Chancellor, 92 in June, made a trip to California and Oregon this past year to visit his children. He lives in the new housing unit, Meadowbrook Manor, and is quite content. His son and daughter-in-law see to him when they need to, but Pat is quite independent.

        John Green, 90, of Preston and his wife, Myrtle (Smith) live on a farm just west of town. It has been their home for 70 years. Their two sons and families arranged a celebration for their 70th anniversary, March 3. They are a lovely couple and still have a garden every year. Neither uses a cane or old in any way.

        Sanford Breshears is 81 and a descendant of the Breshears Valley settlers. His wife, a retired teacher, died Aug. 9. She had been an invalid for more than a year and he cared for her as long as he was able. He has had to give up driving as his health has not been so good of late.

*     *     *

        Laura (Cox) Luke, 89, was born in Berryville, Ark., but moved to Kansas City in 1924. She now lives in a trailer at Galmy, Lake Pomme de Terre, near her son, Austin Windham and his wife, who brought her. She keeps her own house, does her own cooking and has five generations living in Missouri.

        Hugh Owsley, 88 in June, lost a foot and part of his leg this year. He has been fitted with a limb and foot and uses a squad steel cane to walk. He does very well and is still full of his wit and humor. He lives with his son, Hoyt and Margaret, at Preston but says Wheatland is home to him.

        Adah (Hostetler) Allen, 86, is the mother of our MC. She holds her age well. Adah had quite a scare in August when a car went out of control and crashed into her house and did some damage. She is also from the Butcher area but moved to Weaubleau several years ago.

        Virgil Hanshaw, 82, Springfield, was the first arrival for our event and drove here alone. Virgil taught school at Preston several years ago and had been with us before. He had not forgotten the date -- always the first Sunday in September. We were so glad to have him with us.

        Mrs. Emma (Shelten) Reno, 82, lives alone in a big house near her daughter, Myrtle and Cecil Reno. She is a talented, artistic person who has many flowers and does much canning. She is "Granny" to the children and grandchildren and is loved by each of them.





Over the Ozarks                            Edited by Jean Davies

"80 & OVER" DAY

(Part II)

        Editor's note: "80 & Over" Day is an annual event held at the Baptist Church, Wheatland, Mo. Each year Over the Ozarks publishes a report, written by Nannie Jinkens.)



        Mrs. Nola Cauthon, 83, has a beautiful little cottage near Gerster. Wet or dry, she has flowers blooming from spring until fall. Her home is on a high spot and she has a lovely view in all directions, so she can enjoy all nature that surrounds her. She had two sisters present at our event, Mrs. Emma Reno and Mrs. Elva Strahan.

        Mrs. Mae (Dent) Whelchel, 89, has lived in Wheatland the longest, as her family was among the early residents. She lives in the new housing area and is very comfortable. Her daughters come to see her frequently. Mae lost her only son in a logging accident several years ago and two grandsons in the same family within the past year. We are all sympathetic with the family.

        Mrs. Grace Blackwell, 89, was not able to be with us this year. She also lives in the housing unit and does her own work, but did not quite feel able to make it this year. We hope she can be with us next year.

        Mrs. Eunice (Blue) Beem, 85, Wheatland, had company this year but she managed to come anyway. She has worked hard this summer canning fruit, vegetables and pickles. Eunice is a good neighbor, always sharing her products with her many friends. She is a faithful church member and always attends when she is able.

        Elmer Zirschky, 86, was here with his wife, Mentha. Her son, Melvin Carney, who lives with them and helps them with their work, was chauffeur. Elmer was born in Kansas, but grew up in the West Plains Houston area. He has lived in the Urbana area about 20 years now. They entertain many relatives and make trips to the Houston area for visits.

        Roy Reed was 80 July 27. He and wife, Nellie (Stevenson) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Oct. 4. They were honored at the Baptist Church by their son, Dwayne, and daughter, Deloris Keck and families. After working in Warrensburg for several years, the Reeds retired to the Elkton community where they had spent the most of their lives.

        Mrs. Pearl (Hammond) Sherman, 81, Wheatland, is an active lady who keeps busy with her garden, flowers and house. She is a member of the Baptist Church and of the Prairie Union Club. She and her late husband, Harrell, reared seven children, three girls and four boys. Pearl has a wonderful memory and enjoys visitors.

        Mrs. Sadie E. (Murray) Beach, 89, is in good health and often walks to church with her landlady, Mrs. Della Fields, who will soon be 80. Mrs. Beach comes from up Versailles way. She likes to read, is friendly, neat and trim. She is very alert and keeps posted on the news.

        Evert and Myrtle (Ramsey) Myers are both 81 and have been married 60 years last March. They were having company from California the day of our event, so could not stay long. Both sing in the church choir when they're able. Evert's family had a reunion recently with his three brothers, Cyrus, Oscar and Nolan, and two sisters, Ethel Boring and Edna Wright, all attending.

        J. R. and Iva (Breshears) Bird, 82 and 80, live in town and have been married 60 years. She is interested in genealogy and many who come here for information on the early residents of the Avery neighborhood look to her for help. The Birds were the first ones to accept Noi, our Thailand visitor, who was here almost a year doing research on our way of living. She interviewed many of our older people.

        Eugene Baker, 81, of Weaubleau, is a neighbor of Irvin and Wilma Allen. He is quite a gardener, as well as a talented speaker, reader and orator who could put on an evening's entertainment from memory.

        Grace (LaRose) Jordan, 84, is our poet, historian, writer and authority on old-time remedies, past events and sayings. We rely on her memory for much of the happenings in Pleasant Hill neighborhood as her mother was a mid-wife who attended many patients, passing her experience down to her daughter. Grace has a "birthday twin", Stella (Boone) Morton (both share Abe Lincoln's birthday date) who was unable to attend this year, due to minor surgery.

        John Nance, 81, of Cross Timbers, came with his sister, Alta Hodges, who is 87 and retired postmaster at Fristoe. Mr. Nance lives alone since the death of his wife, Katie. Alta has a home northwest of town and keeps everything neat and trim. She still drives her car and goes wherever she needs to.

        Tom and Florence (Laws) Bird of Warrensburg have been here the past three years. He is 82, she is 79. They have been married 60 years and began housekeeping in a sod house in Colorado. In 1973 all four of the Bird children were present, but one brother, Horace, died this year. The remaining three, Tom, Vernon and Myrtle helped their aunt, Mrs. Alice Butler, celebrate her 100th birthday last Oct. 28. It was quite a day for them.

        Myrtle (Bird) and Early Phelps of Cassville were with us this year. Their daughter, Lena Noland, drove for them. Myrtle is 84, Early is 82. They have been married 62 years.




Fri., Oct. 31, 1977

Over the Ozarks                            Edited by Jean Davies

"80 & OVER" DAY

(Part III)

        Editor's note: Today's column concludes the report for 1977. This event is held at the Baptist Church, Wheatland, the first Sunday in September. We thank Nancy Bandel Jinkens for sharing it with us.


        Carried (Acker) Mabry, 87, was with us this year. Last year she spent some 16 weeks in hospitals, but has made a remarkable recovery. We still remember the gatherings in the Acker home with Carried playing the piano and everyone having a good time. Her piano was lost when her old home burned in 1975. She has now moved a trailer on the place and lives in it. She is probably the only person present who was born and lived on the same farm all her life.

        Douglas Bushnell, 80, Weaubleau, was with us this year, but he left early and we did not learn much about him. We hope he comes again next year and stays a bit longer.

*     *     *

        J. L. Wright, 80, and his wife, Lena, 74, retired from active ministry this year. He has been with us 37 years. They are leaving for a vacation in California. They have been married 56 years.

        Jesse and Eltha (Kelly) Vanderford had their 56th anniversary April 9. Both are 77. They finally gave up their place on Dooly Bend and moved to Wheatland, though they still go back to church there.

        John and Winona (Vanderford) McGee are in-laws of the Vanderfords. It is nice they can spend time together. Both of the men drive. John is 76 and Winona, 71. They have been married 52 years and are retired. Both are faithful members of the Methodist Church.

        Tommy and Eathel (Lopp) Moore, 78 and 79, have been married 58 years. This was the first time Tommy had been here. Last year they took their first plane trip to Olympia, Wash., to spend Thanksgiving with their daughter Zilpha. They had a wonderful time.

        Floyd and Lizzie (Blackwell) Foltz, 75 and 73, have been married 56 years. They retired to this area where they have a comfortable home on highway 54. They enjoy life and have lots of company, both family and friends.

        Floyd and Fratie (Bernard) Mitchell came this year for the first time. They have been in the West for his health. He is a brother of Lou Parker of Gerster, who was faithful for so many years. We are glad to have that family represented again. They are both 80 and have been married 59 years.

        John and Ola (Herbert) Martin celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary last Sept. 26. Their two daughters planned and carried out a nice event for them, with a big dinner at a Buffalo cafe and many gifts. Ola does much canning and preserving for winter and is always busy.

        Don and Elva (Shelton) Strahan, 76 and 77, have been married 52 years. They're semi-retired and live on a farm near Butcher church. Don says he works until noon, then enjoys rocking the rest of the day. They have family living nearby. Her sister, Nola Cauthon, came with the Strahans.

*     *     *

        Our necrology for 1976-77 included two in the 90 column: Helma (Johnson) Dennis, 95, Pittsburg, and Laura (Paxton) Easton, 91, Independence. In the 80's: Ray B. Andrews, 88, Sarcoxie; Clarence Blackwell, 87, Wheatland; Claud Blair, 86, Fair Play; Miss Cora Selvidge, 86, Weaubleau; Elijah Bray, 85, Preston; Myrtle (Lindfield) Duncomb, 88, LeRoy, Minn.; Julia (Button) Breshears, 88, Warrensburg; Floy (Heard) Holland, 82, Wheatland; Lawrence O. Jordan, 84, Wheatland; Elsie (Routh) Agerter Marsh, 80, Buffalo; Lou (Mitchell) Parker, 88, Gerster; Ethel (McGee) Parson, 87, Wheatland; Katie (Tipton) Nance, 81, Cross Timbers; Leonard H. West, 88, Strafford; Juanita (Harvey) Walthal, 81, Cross Timbers. In the 70's: Horace Bird, 79, Warrensburg; Chloe (Pinkston) Bain, 73, Elkton; Mattie (Curtis) Scotten, 79, Fair Play; Dona (Moore) Forehand, 79, Wheatland; Ina Fay (Paxton) Walker, 77, Wheatland; Erma (Biddle) Wilson, 73, Oklahoma.

        This year we did not have so many attending in numbers, but the enthusiasm was high, as usual. We had refreshments of ice cream, homemade cookies and punch for everyone. Big print Bibles, provided by Frank Herbert, were given to the oldest man, Warder Maberry, and to Mrs. Minnie Glazebrook and Mrs. Margaret Nowell for the oldest ladies present. A tablecloth was presented to the longest married couple, John and Myrtle Green, 70 years.

        We had a number of people send contributions previous to the event; we had several volunteers there to help and we do appreciate each and every assistance. A big "Thank You" to everyone!




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