Note that there are two different accounts of the 1976 event.


[Found in the Hickory County Historical Society archives by Ginger Donohue.]

THE INDEX, Hermitage, Mo.        Page 12—September 9, 1976


’80 and Over’ Attracts 140

At Wheatland Baptist


                The 22nd annual 80 & Over Day was held at the Wheatland Baptist Church Sunday, Sept. 5, at 2 p. m. with some 140 people present. In the groups there were 32 of 80 or more, three 90’s and 12 golden wedding couples.

                Rev. Irvin Allen, MC, interviewed the honorees. Patrick Chancellor, 90, gave the invocation; Myrtle Green 86 gave a reading, “Getting Old;” Grace Jordan read an article and a poem she had written concerning the Bicentennial and the Special Day; Earl Sands of Lockwood sang “Sweet Hour of Prayer: unaccompanied; Mrs. Lillie Miller, 93, gave three readings, “I want to go back to Old Missou”, “The Weatherman,” and “The Joy of Living”; Mrs. Leota Berkebile, 88, Weaubleau read with her reading glass, “Every Day is Mother’s day,” (she had five generations present); Eugene Baker, 80, the groups orator, recited, “The Ride of Jennie McNeal,” a long poem, and honoring the Bicentennial, he recited a poem in dialect between George Washington and his father, on cutting down the cherry tree.

                Mrs. Amy Ellis gave a fitting tribute to the 19 deceased members since last year. An offering was taken to help defray expenses. Bro. J. L. Wright gave the closing prayer.

                Refreshments of ice cream, cake, cookies, mints, and nuts, were served in the annex. Pat Chancellor, 90, was the oldest man. Mrs. Lillie Miller, 93, was the oldest lady. Tina Kleck, 91, was the 3rd 90 year person present. Pearl and Nannie (Riddle) Canon, Lone Jack, Mo., 85 and 86 yrs. respectively, were the longest married couple, 65 years. There were 11 other couples who had been married 50 or more years, each received a 5” x 7” picture frame. There were 32, 80 year olds so far until all the dates are checked. A list will be furnished later.


                There were people from Hermitage, Preston, Cross Timbers, Urbana, Buffalo, Bolivar, Springfield, Lockwood, Weaubleau, Virgil City, Warrensburg, Quincy, Elkton, Flemington, Lone Jack, Lee’s Summit and Illinois state.


                Regrets were sent from Mrs. Julia Breshears, L. H. and Almedia West and Lou Parker. Elsie Chrisope, Carrie Mabry and Clarence Blackwell, all regular attendants, were also missed.

                The red and white carnation arrangement of flowers from the Bank of Hermitage were appreciated along with all contributions and all help in making the event a very pleasant one.



[Found in the Hickory County Historical Society archives by Ginger Donohue; handwritten date=11/4/76]

Springfield Mo Daily News


With Our Historians, Writers and Poets

Over the Ozarks


(Part I)


                We had another great day Sept. 5 when some 140 people gathered at the Baptist Church in Wheatland for the 23rd annual “80 and Over” Day.

                Irvin Allen, Weaubleau, was our MC again. Pat Chancellor gave the invocation. The congregation sang “Amazing Grace” with spirit and harmony. Members not able to attend this year included Mrs. Julia Breshears, 87, Warrensburg; L. H. West, 88, Wheatland, and his wife, Almedia, 80, who stayed with him; Carrie (Acker) Mabry, 86; Elsie Chrisope, 84, Urbana rest home; Dosha Donovan, 85, Independence and Lena Foltz, 87.

                Allen ran his tape recorder as he interviewed the three in their 90’s, 34 in their 80’s and 12 Golden Wedding couples.

                Mrs. Lillie (Haymes) Miller, 93, Urbana, gave “I’m from Old Mizzou” and charmed us with her delivery. She needed no help in getting to the microphone. A friend, Ruby Glanville, brought her.

                Pat Chancellor, 90, has moved to the new housing unit in Wheatland, and has a gospel singing hour each Tuesday for the residents. He lost his sister, Mary Robinett, 92, April 8.

                Tina (Crates) Kleck, 91, Wheatland, was brought by her daughter, Emogene Hunt. Tina still attends services at the Methodist Church her father helped build in the early 1890s.

                Pearl and Nannie (Riddle) Canon, 85 and 86, of Lone Jack, were our longest married couple, being married at old Linn Creek, July 11, 1911. Their daughter, Glada and Dave King and Charla or Lees Summit, brought them.

                Jake and Iva (Breshears) Bird, 82 and 80, were married 59 years ago last April. Their place in the Avery neighborhood was to be flooded by the Pomme de Terre River, so they sold out, retired and built a new home in Wheatland.

                Tom Bird, 81, and his wife, Florence, 77, of Warrensburg, were also married 59 years ago and lived in a sod house out west for awhile. They were in a wreck last year which laid them up awhile, but were able to be with us this year.

                L. O. and Lulu (Bennett) Burton, of Cross Timbers, were married 60 years ago by Willie Underwood of Monett. L. O. was 80 Feb. 29, so he only has a birthday every four years, but says time counts on him just the same. They live on a farm just out of town.

                Harry Hutton went into the 80 group this year. His wife, Susie (Brown) is 73 now. They live on a small farm and Harry is librarian for the Baptist Church at Weaubleau. They have been married 54 years.

                Jess and Eltha (Kelly) Vanderford were married 55 years ago April 9 by F. W. Gardner. They sold their old home in Dooly Bend, bought a lot here in town and moved a trailer in. Both of their mothers also attended our event as long as they were able.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                John and Winona (Vanderford) McGee were married Dec. 6, 1924, also by Gardner. They lived on their farm but are retired now, though still attend the Methodist church where Winona was pianist for many years.

                Arthur Raps, 86, and his wife, Ruth, of El Dorado Springs, attended our event for the first time. They have been married 50 years. Their neighbors, Frank and Leona McDaniel, came with them. All enjoyed it and hope to attend again.

                Lloyd and Dovie (Skidmore) Reser have been married 55 years and have a farm home west of Elkton. His nephew, Richard and Ruth Fugate, of Visalia, Calif., flew here to be with them for their anniversary.

                Don and Elva (Shelten) Strahan, were married 51 years ago by Judge Elbert Crouch. They live on a farm in the Butcher neighborhood and have relatives nearby to help with the chores.

                The Strahans brought her sister, Nola (Shelten) Cauthon, who is 82. She lives alone down Gerster way, not far from the Strahans.

                Don and Ruth (Yates) Willard were here for the first time. They were married 57 years ago in Sedalia. Don was 80 Aug. 21. They retired and moved to the lake area seven years ago.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                J. L. and Lena (Breshears) Wright have been married 55 years. He will be 80 Dec. 27 and has been our pastor for 36 years. Lena sings in our choir. They rode on the church float in our Bicentennial parade.

                Laura (Cox) Lubke, 88, was here for the first time. Her son, Otis, and Beva Windham, brought her. A native of Perryville, Ark., Laura moved to the lake area about five years ago.

                Leota (Kline) Johnson Berkebile, 88, Weaubleau, will be 89 in Dec. Her daughter, Hallie Hargiss, and other family members came with her, enough to have five generations present. Leota read “Every Day is Mother’s Day.”

                Fronia (Black) Crain, 87, of Goodson, came with her daughter, Mrs. Eddie (Bernice) Matthews, of Springfield. Bernice also brought her mother-in-law, Emma (Darby) Matthews, 85, of Halfway.

                Eugene Baker, 82, gave two orations this year, “The Ride of Jennie McNeal” and “George Washington and the Cherry Tree,” in dialect, in keeping with the Bicentennial.

                Emma (Shelten) Reno, 80, was here, as were her sisters, Mrs. Cauthon and Mrs. Strahan. Emma was crowned queen of the Senior Citizens at the Bicentennial in Wheatland.

      NANNIE JINKENS             



[Fri., Nov. 5, 1976]


                Editor’s Note: Today’s column concludes the report on “80 And Over” Day, held annually at the Baptist Church in Wheatland.

                Grace (Wells) Sanders, Hermitage, was brought by Alpha (Bandel) Pitts. Grace’s daughter-in-law, Narika, a native of Japan, came with them.

                Earl Sands, 86, came from Lockwood to Bolivar and his daughter, Lorene Viles, drove him to the event. He sang for us and did a very good job.

                Pearl (Hammond) Sherman, 80, on Feb. 15, was honored with a big birthday party on her day. Her daughters, Mildred and Maxine, from Washington, and Ruby, from Kansas, plus four sons who live around here, all helped her celebrate.

                Mae (Dent) Whelchel, 88, a native of Wheatland, recently moved into one of the new housing units in town, and appreciates the convenience of her new place.

                Bertha (Thomas) Young, 88, is energetic and industrious. She recently finished a quilt and it is lovely; she suspended the quilt from the ceiling and stood on a chair to do the quilting.

                Grace (Feltman) Blackwell, 88, gave up her place where she and Clarence had lived so long and moved into the new housing unit. She was a wonderful gardener when she was well, but the drought defeated her this year.

                Pearl (Helvey) Pitts, 81, lives in Hermitage. Her husband, Argus, who died several years ago, was a postal clerk in Chicago. When he retired, they chose to come to Hickory County to make their home.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                Adah (Hostetler) Allen, 85, Weaubleau, comes with her son, Irvin. Her family was among the early settlers in Butcher neighborhood. Both sons were with her at our event.

                Grace (LaRose) Jordan, 83, wrote the piece she gave on our program. She writes poetry, had a book printed, writes for OTO and other events.

                Alta (Nance) Hodges, 86, is a retired post mistress from Fristoe. Her brother, Bill, built her a lovely house near Cross Timbers. She was honored as our oldest lady driver.

                Juanita (Harvey) Walthal, joined the 80’s group this year. She came with Verdie Little and her daughter-in-law, Josephine. Juanita is a widow and lives alone in Cross Timbers.

                Lennie (Crabtree) Weaver, 84, was here for the first time. Two of her daughters, Idene Suiter and Bessie, brought her. Lennie has been a widow for 19 years and lives in the Quincy-Shiloh community.

                Myrtle (Smith) Green, 86, Preston, came with Mamie Lou Robertson, and read “My get-up-and-go has got up and gone” for our program. Her husband, John, 89, did not come this year. They still live on their farm and have been married 67 years.

                Oliver Marsh moved into the 80 column this year. He and his wife, Elsie (Routh) Agerter, a retired teacher, live in Buffalo. They teamed up and won first place with the song, “Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet.”

                Sanford Breshears, Elkton, has been attending with his wife, Chloe, but she was unable to come. Kitty Ray Fisher stayed with her so Sanford, who was 80 July 13, could be with us.

                Stella (Boone) Morton, 83, lives in town and she and Josie Paxton share a garden, raising enough vegetables to take them through the winter. Her sister, Alice, has put out a book on the Israel Boone family history.

                Hugh Owsley, 87, Wheatland, lives alone and keeps everything clean and neat. He still drives his car to visit his son, daughter and sister who live in the area.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                Tom Pearson, 81, lived on the far for some 20 years, but after his wife and daughter died, he bought a trailer and moved into town. He still drives his car, though his neighbors, Mrs. Kleck and Mrs. Hunt, brought him to our event. It was his first time with us and he enjoyed himself.

                Mrs. Amy Ellis closed the program with a tribute to those who passed on this year. The 90’s: Ida Copening Mahaney, 94, Springfield; Charles Evers, 93, Lebanon; Dora (Stroud) Dorman, 94, Bolivar Nursing Home; Mary (Chancellor) Robinett, 92, Independence.

                The 80’s: Ernest H. Beem, 87, Wheatland; Florence (Pinkston) Bergstrom, 86, Hermitage; Viola (Kitterman) Bird, 80, McPherson, Kan.; Logan Cothern, 86, Kansas City; Loren Green, 82, Urbana; Clarence O. Little, 83, Cross Timbers; Bessie (Vincent) Saye, 86, Aldrich; Ross Brian Rea, 82, Green Forest, Ark.; Stella (Garrison) Tipton, 84, Lincoln Nursing Home; Maude (Gardner) Vogel, 88, Windsor Nursing Home; Edna (Cowen) Watkins, 84, Bolivar Nursing Home; Newell (Edge) Weinfield, 87, Hermitage; Eugene Foster, 80, Weaubleau; Lou Parker, 88, Gerster.

                The 70’s: Earl Poorbaugh, 77, Hermitage; Ruby (Rains) Rea, 77, Green Forest, Ark.; Ottis Timothy Wisdom, 77, Wheatland.

                So many faithful helpers and donors help to make this day happy for so many people. I would not want to miss anyone, so a big “THANK YOU” to each! I hope to see you again the first Sunday in Sept., 1977!

      NANNIE JINKENS             


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