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Over the Ozarks                                   Edited by JEAN DAVIES


"80 AND OVER" DAY (Conclusion)

        Patrick Chancellor, 89, Humansville, will be in the 90 column next year. He looks well, but has been ill. Some of his neighbors surprised him with a dinner and a cake on his birthday, June 9.

        Grace (Feltman) Blackwell, 87, came alone this year. Her husband, Clarence, 86, has been ill and was not able to attend. Grace is quite a business lady and has a good memory.

        L. H. West, 87, has been attending since 1965, with his wife, Almedia, 79. She has kept chickens for years, but has quit now. Mr. West is retired but manages to tend his cattle.

        John and Myrtle Green, 87 and 85, have been married 68 years and have two sons, Clarence and Everett. They have lived at Preston all their lives and enjoy being active in the community.

*     *     *

        Leota (Kline) Berkebile, 88, of Weaubleau, was here but unable to be on the program due to an attack of shingles. She and her daughter, Hallie Hargiss, have a lovely home. She helped her husband to operate a store for several years.

        We had several couples this year who were married over 50 years. Lawrence and Lulu Burton of Cross Timbers were married 59 years ago at her father's by William Underwood, J. P. She is 75 and he is 70, and both looked chipper.

        Harry and Susie Hutton joined us for the first time. They had their 53rd anniversary Oct. 10. They worked in the city for years, then retired to a farm between Wheatland and Weaubleau.

        John (Doc) and Winona (Vanderford) McGee had their special event at the Methodist church in January, as their granddaughters could not get things ready on the real date, Dec. 5. The McGees are retired farmers and live on 54 highway.

        Ray and Nellie Reed were married 58 years Oct. 4. They worked in Warrensburg until they retired to their farm near Elkton where they lived before. They have two children, a son and a daughter.

*     *     *

        Dolsie and Cecil Shelton had their golden anniversary in January. They are retired teachers and enjoy life on their farm west of town. Hearing from former students makes their teaching years worthwhile.

        Chester and Henrietta (Crawford) Russell of Urbana celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home Sept. 28 with 165 guests registering for the rainy event.

        Lloyd and Dovie (Skidmore) Reser had their 54th Oct. 23. They have a comfortable farm home in the Elkton area and are always on hand to help with community events.

        J. L. and Lena (Breshears) Wright have lived in our town many years and he has been the pastor of our church for 36 years. He has performed 264 weddings, baptized 425 people and officiated for 1044 funerals. He will be 79 in December and can quote entire chapters from the Bible.

        Mrs. Pearl Pitts, 80, of Hermitage attended for the first time. Her husband, Leslie, was secretary of our historical society for several years. They lived in Chicago for many years but Mr. Pitts was a native of Pittsburg, Mo., and they came back to Hickory County to retire.

*     *     *

        Mrs. Lillie (Haymes) Miller, 92, of Urbana, had her birthday Sept. 4. She is the daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. Haymes who practiced in the Urbana-Buffalo area for many years. Mrs. Ruby Glanville, Edith Roberts and Emma Little came with her.

        And now the sad part of our day as we report the passing of members since we last met. Clyde Paxton died five days before his 92nd birthday. Cecile McGee, 78, passed away on Friday, Sept. 5th and her service was held at the same hour as our event. Many of our members attended, then came over here.

        Others were John Bartshe, 97, Urbana; Lucy (Parmer) Hooks-Edde, almost 98, Temple, Tex.; Miss Ella Bennett, almost 94, Buffalo; Wm. M. Dietz, almost 91, Quincy; Ollie (Ketchum) Arnold, 85, Warsaw; Nellie Maze, 85, Walnut Grove; Sammie Tipton, 81, Lincoln; Pearl (Franklin) Andrews, 80, Flemington; Elton Burch, 79, El Dorado Springs; Delbert Cauthon, 79, Osceola; Myrtle Bird, 78, Wheatland; Elsie (Mitchell) Shumate-Moore, 78, Independence; Eva Green, 78, Urbana; Walter Bird, 74, Wheatland; Fredonia (Cox) Carpenter, 73, Weaubleau; Dillon Ira Tipton, 66, Wheatland. He is listed as he helped many people get here who had no way.

        We want to thank all who helped in any way to make the day a success. So many said they had an enjoyable day it makes all the efforts worthwhile.

        So . . . until another year . . . this is our 1975 report.





Posted 20 May 2007 by Ginny Sharp

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