[Found in the Hickory County Historical Society archives by Ginger Donohue; handwritten date=10/17/74]


Over the Ozarks            Edited by JEAN DAVIES



(Part I)

                The 21st annual “80 and Over” Day was held at the Baptist church in Wheatland, Sunday, Sept. 1, with a smaller crowd than usual, but just as enthusiastic. We feel sure the previous night’s rain had changed the plans for several of the oldsters, but around noon Sunday the clouds began to clear away.

                We had three ladies in their 90s and 29 oldsters who were 80 or over. Irvin Allen of Weaubleau, was our MC again and enjoys it as much as anyone.

                Mrs. Fronia Crain, of Goodson, gave the invocation. Mrs. Jessie Hyatt gave a reading. Mrs. Dosha Donovan, of Independence, gave a cute little speech for us. Ross Brian Rea, of Green Forest, Ark., read a poem, “The Hillbilly,” and made a short talk. Eugene Baker, of Weaubleau, gave a reading from memory and said a few words. Miss Vergie Smith gave the tribute to the deceased members.

                Interviews were done with the special honorees and the six golden wedding couples. We had one couple almost in the group. They plan to be with us next year to join the golden wedding couples.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                Mrs. Fannie Hutton, 92, was our oldest lady and received a box of powder and a bottle of perfume. She had been absent a year or so but came back as pretty as ever with her daughter-in-law, who also brought her mother, Ina Faye (Paxton) Walker. Mrs. Hutton still has her own teeth, helps some with the housework when she wants to. She certainly does not look her age.

                Mrs. Fannie (Hostetler) Allen moved up to the 90s this summer and is very proud of herself! She can walk with aids, though she uses a walker at times. Her family was one of the settlers of the Butcher community, as well as the Allens. Her daughter, Eunice, and husband, Delbert Wheeler, live with her. She has been in the hospital several times, but is doing very well now.

                Pat Chancellor, 87, received the gift for the oldest man present. He lives in Humansville in a boarding house. He has a home here, but was not able to stay alone. Pat always has a good time seeing old friends and making new ones.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                His sister, Mrs. Mary Robinett, 90, was here from Kansas City. Her home is at Weaubleau. She has had a broken hip and so is in Kansas City with her daughter, Mrs. Ellen DaMitz. She is a brave little soul and walks without aids.

                Clarence and Grace (Fellman) Blackwell, 85 and 86, were here. He has been in the hospital several times during the past year but is better now and able to drive his car. He received the gift for the oldest driver among the men. He is a War I veteran and they are faithful to attend the meetings. Grace is an herb doctor and does much study on them. She is a good gardener, but had only a small one this year due to Clarence’s poor health. Her vegetables have taken many prizes in the past.

                Mrs. Carrie (Acker) Mabry, 84, got the prize again for being the oldest lady driver. She drove to the Acker reunion at Windsor this summer accompanied by a friend, Dorothy Jordan, 82. She lives on the farm alone and still plays the piano she used some 70 years ago.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                Mrs. Mae (Dent) Whelchel, 86, has lived in Wheatland all her life. She was related to Julia Dent, wife of U.S. Grant. Her parents were among the early settlers in Wheatland. The Dents and the Stutts helped in the organization and laying-out of the town.

                Mrs. Leota (Kline) Berkebile, 87, of Weaubleau, came with her daughter, Mrs. Hallis Hargiss. She has been sick, but made a special effort to be here this year. She usually reads for us, but did not feel able to this year. She loves to visit and has lots of friends as she and her husband were in business for many years.

                Mrs. Florence (Pinkston) Bergstrom, of Hermitage, has her 85th birthday Sept. 30. She was one of our early country school teachers. She is faithful to her church and the Hermitage Hustlers Club. She keeps herself well informed or current events.

                Mrs. Elsie (Hartnett) Chrissope, of Hermitage, had her 82nd birthday Oct. 9. She lives alone but has many relatives and friends to visit her and has not time to be lonely. She played the piano for her church after coming back here from Jefferson City. Elsie and her husband, Irl, worked in the tax department for some 20 years.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                Hugh Owsley, 85 in June, was present. He lives alone and keeps a neat house and grounds and has a small garden. He likes to read, drives his own car and also received a prize for being the oldest driver, along with Clarence.

                L. H. West had his 86th birthday Sept. 16. He no longer drives, due to poor eyesight, but works in the garden and keeps chickens. Their children come to take them to do their shopping.

                Delbert and Nola (Shelton) Cauthon, both 80, had been married 61 years. They are farmers and live near Gerster. This was their first visit with us. They came with Elva and Don Strahan, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in January. Nola and Elva are sisters.

                Ross Brian Rea and wife, Ruby (Rains), of Green Forest, Ark., drove in the rain al the way to be with us. He was 80 in February and she was 77 July 29. They have been married 56 years. He is retired and they have traveled over the country. They made many new friends and we will not forget them.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

                Earl Sands, 85, of Weaubleau, lost his wife this summer and is selling his farm and moving to Lockwood to be near his son.

                Mrs. Julia Breshears, 85, came with her daughter, Mrs. Orvene Hunziker. Mrs. Breshears is a double amputee but enjoys every minute. She lives in Warrensburg with another daughter, Mrs. Roberts Herbert, who teaches there.

      NANNIE JINKENS             


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