[Article found in the Lena Wills Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University); "Index   Sept 30 73" hand written at top of page.]


THE INDEX, Sept. 20, 1973


80 and Over Honorees Named


                Mrs. Alice Butler, Centerview, formerly of Wheatland, who will be 100 years old October 28, was the honoree at a pre-birthday dinner at Wheatland Baptist Church on Sept. 2 preceding the 80 and Over Day program. A corsage from the Sunday school and a spray of red roses from the church were presented to her. She also received an apron and a gift for perfect attendance of 20 years.

                Present in the 90 age bracket and receiving gifts were May Johnson, 93, Humansville; Zilla Jones, 92, Clinton; Lillie Miller, Urbana, Clyde Paxton, Wheatland, and Alice Reeves, Kansas City, each 90.

                In the 80 age group were Fannie Allen, 89, Weaubleau; Grover Scotten, Fairplay, and Zilpha Murphy, Wheatland, each 88; Patrick Chancellor, 87, Wheatland; Effie Cox, Urbana, John Green, Preston, and Maud Vogel, Windsor, each 86; Imo Chaney, Humansville, Minnie Pack, Cross Timbers, Lou Parker, Osceola, Grace Blackwell, L. H. West, Mae Welchel and Bertha Young, Wheatland, each 85; Ollie Arnold, Warsaw, Ray Andrews, Flemington, Florence Bergstrom, Hermitage, Lena Foltz, Weaubleau, Claude Blair, Fairplay, Julia Breshears, Warrensburg, Clarence Blackwell, Wheatland, each 84; Logan Cothern, Cross Timbers, Myrtle Green and Jessie Hyatt, Preston, Earl Sands, Weaubleau, Wave Allen, Wheatland, each 83; Audra Davis, Humansville, Edna Watkins, Bolivar, Anna Mitchell, Preston, Robert Walthall, Cross Timbers, Dosha Donovan, Hermitage, each 82; Elsie Chrisope, Pirtle Lowry and Martha Stroud, Hermitage, Clarence Little, Cross Timbers, Eunice Beem, Stella Morton and Arthur Ramsey, Wheatland, Myrtle Phelps, Purdy, Opal Hunt, Flemington, Nellie Button, Lincoln, each 80.

                Golden wedding couples and those married longer included John and Myrtle Green, 66 years; Ray and Pearl Andrews, 60 years; Early and Myrtle Phelps and Clarence and Verdie Little, 58 years; Tom and Florence Bird and Arthur and Audra Ramsey, 56 years; Vernon and Viola Bird, Claude and Cuba Blair, Claude and Dona Carpenter, Floyd and Lizzie Foltz, Jesse and Eltha Vanderford and J. L. and Lena Wright, all 52 years; Damon and Clara Hudson, Earl and Mamie Poorbaugh and Lloyd and Dovie Reser, 51 years. Wilbur Tipton, Lennie Holland, Mrs. E. H. Beem and Horace Bird were all present but their companions were not able to be with them.

                There were 50 people present in the 70s.

                Gifts were presented to the honorees and refreshments were served to everyone present.

                Those who have departed this life since last year: Lucy Breshears, Ura Bullington, Ida Carpenter, Rachel Chaney, Artie Darby, John Edde, Fountain England, Wilbur Glanville, Front Glazebrook, Esula Harsh, May Johnson, Zenas E. Jones, Emil Lanker, Ida Marsh, W. P. Mitchell, Otis Owens, Maude Pitts, Walter O. Pitts, Nevie Ray, Bertha Sanders, Frank D. Zehr.


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