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THE INDEX, September 9, 1971


80 and Over Day Attracts 170 People


                The 18th annual 80 and Over Day attracted about 170 people to the Wheatland Baptist Church Sunday afternoon Sept. 5. In the crowd were sex honorees in the 90's, 38 in the 80's and 19 couples who had been married 50 years or longer.

                Honorees in the 90's were Mrs. Alice Butler, 97, Centerview, who received a trophy for perfect attendance of 18 years, also a prize for the oldest lady; Jesse Payne, 91, Preston, who was awarded a prize for the oldest man; Mrs. May Vanderford, 92, Wheatland; Mrs. May Johnson, 91, Humansville; Mrs. Margaret Nowell, 91, Quincy; and Mrs. Zilla Jones, 90, Wheatland.

                Honorees in the 80's included 15 from Wheatland: Mrs. Dosha Donovan and Mrs. Etta Ihrig, each 80; Mrs. Wave Allen, Mrs. Lena Foltz, Hugh Owsley, Clarence Blackwell, each 82; Mrs. Bertha Young, Mrs. Grace Blackwell, L. H. West, each 83; Pat Chancellor, 85; Mrs. Oma Stover, Mrs. Zilpha Murphy, Frontz Glazebrook, each 86; Warder Maberry, 87; Clyde Paxton, 88; Rev. J. E. Ellis, 89.

                Hermitage: Miss May Johnson, 83. Weaubleau: Mrs. Adah Allen and Mrs. Effie Vest, each 80 this month; Mrs. Carrie Mabry, 81; Mrs. Imo Chaney, 83; Leotia Berkebile, 84; Mrs. Clara Monroe, 86; Mrs. Mary Robinett, 87. Preston: Mrs. Anna Mitchell, 80; Mrs. Jessie Hyatt, 81, Urbana; Mrs. Nellie Matthews, 80. Goodson: Mrs. Frona Crain, 82. Polk: Mrs. Emma Matthews, 80. Bolivar: Earl Brenner, 82; Mrs. Ina Davison, 84.

                Cross Timbers: Robert Walthal, 80; Mrs. Alta Hodges, 81; Mrs. Minnie Pack, 83; Kansas City: Mrs. Atha Durnell, 81. Independence: Mrs. Sadie Roberts, 80. Gerster: Mrs. Lou Parker, 83. Warrensburg: Mrs. Julia Breshears, 82. Fairplay: Claude Blair, 82.

                Wedding anniversary honorees: 50 Years—Claude and Cuba Blair, Fairplay; Jesse and Eltha Vanderford, Wheatland; Claude and Fredonia Carpenter, Weaubleau; John and Lera Oesch, Weaubleau; J. L. and Lena Wright, Wheatland; Lloyd and Dovie Reser, Flemington. 51 Years—Earl and Pearlie Brenner, Bolivar; Jim and Ura Bullington, Weaubleau; Wilbur and Elsie Tipton, Wheatland; Frank and Nettie Schnitker. 54 Years—Arthur and Audra Ramsey, Wheatland; Roy and Nellie Reed, Flemington; Tom and Florence Bird, Warrensburg; John and Katie Nance, Cross Timbers. 55 Years—L. O. and Lulu Burton, Cross Timbers; 56 Years—Mertie and Early Phelps, Purdy; C. D. and Verdie Little, Cross Timbers; Loren and Eva Green, Urbana; Pete and Maude Roth, Quincy.

                Rev. Irvin E. Allen was master of ceremonies. Rev. Ellis gave the invocation. Numbers on the program were given by Mesdames Dosha Donovan, Zilpha Murphy, Adah Allen, Leotia Berkebile, Clara Monroe, Atha Durnell, Alice Butler, Bessie Kirk, May Johnson (Humansville), May Delozier and Eva Green.

                Miss Vergie Smith gave a tribute to the deceased members. Those remembered were Otto E. Anderson, John Box, Mary Box, Irl R. Chrisope, Jettie Edde, John Erwin, Katie Franklin, Ida Glenn, Lessie Ihrig, Thos. I. Jordan, Ira McCracken, Arletta Meador, Thornton Morton, W. T. Palmer, Lizzie Sibert, Lucie Stirlen, Walter Stirlen, John W. Waggoner, Vada Wright. Ages ranged from 70 to 103.

                Prizes were given as follows: Warder Maberry, most children; Hugh Owsley and Claude Blair, tied for oldest man driving car; Mrs. Oma Stover, living in Wheatland the longest; Mrs. Bertha Young, walking the longest distance; Mrs. Alta Hodges and Mrs. Carrie Mabry tied for oldest ladies driving cars; Mrs. Berkebile, four generations of family present; Mrs. Durnell, oldest person who came the longest distance; Mrs. Alice Butler, perfect attendance and oldest lady; Jesse Payne, oldest man; Anthony Pearson, 6, youngest person present. There were a number of unique gifts for various uses.

                It was a happy day for the oldsters who look forward to this annual occasion. A liberal offering was given and will be used for the 1972 event.

                Refreshments were taken care of by the weight club ladies of Wheatland. A carton of ice cream was donated and there were cash donations and assistance from many sources to make the day a success.


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