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Special Occasion Honors Older Citizens of Area


        Sunday, Sept. 7, marked the sixteenth annual 80 and Over Day at Wheatland. For the occasion 108 registered at Wheatland Baptist Church where Rev. Irvin E. Allen served as emcee for the entertainment followed by visiting and refreshments. While the crowd was not so large as usual it was not lacking in enthusiasm.

        Mrs. Alice Butler, 95, Wheatland, was the oldest person present; she was also the only one of the oldsters with a perfect attendance record. Next were Mrs. May Vanderford, 90, Wheatland, and Mrs. Nancy Emery, Goodson, who will soon reach her 90th birthday.

        There were 26 in the 80's: Earl and Bessie Saye, 80, Aldrich; Earl Brenner, 80, Bolivar; Fronia Crain, 80, Polk; Irl B. Crisope, almost 81, Hermitage; Hugh Owsley and Clarence Blackwell, both 80, Wheatland; Ollie Arnold, 80, Warsaw; May Whelchel, Bertha Young, Grace Blackwell, L. H. West, 81, Wheatland; Imo Chaney, 81, Weaubleau; John Green, 82, Preston; Albert Jenkins, 82, Wheatland; Pat Chancellor and Lula Chaney, 83, Wheatland; Frontz Glazebrook and Zilpha Murphy, 84, Wheatland; Warder Maberry, 85, Wheatland; Walter Pitts and Mary Robinett, 85, Weaubleau; Ida Carpenter, 86, Bro. J. E. Ellis, 87, Wheatland; Bertha Sanders, 87, Hermitage; Helma Dennis, 88, Pittsburg.

        Rev. Allen handled the program with his usual wit and humor and it was recorded on his new tape recorder. Rev. J. E. Ellis gave the invocation and sang from memory three verses of "Saved by Grace." The honorees were then introduced together with the couples who had been married 50 years or more, namely: Mr. and Mrs. Saye, 58 years; Albert and Zola Jenkins, 60; Loren and Eva Green, 53; Tom and Grace Jordan, 58; Cyrus and Ethel Myres, 53; Jake and Iva Bird, 53; Irl and Elsie Chrisope, 57; John and Myrtle Green, 62; Jim and Laura Brown, 56. All the honorees were presented gifts.


        Irl Chrisope gave an interesting resume of his life and brought back memoirs of yesterdays. Mrs. Alice Butler sang from memory "Amazing Grace" with Mrs. Bessie Kirk helping her and the congregation sang the last verse with them. The audience also sang, "Where We'll Never Grow Old." Mrs. Lula Chaney gave a reading in her pleasing was and ended it with an old age pension poem. Walter Pitts sang a solo, "The Love of God." Mrs. Grace Jordan read a poem which she had written about the early pioneers and dedicated it to the golden wedding couples.

        Mrs. Santford Breshears gave the memorial to the twenty-two deceased members: The 90;s--Stella Jane Bryan, W. L. Dorman, Annie Palmer, John Rogers. The 80's--Pearl Bandel, Nora Butler, Wessie Chaney, John D. Cox, Della Inks, Arthur Moore, Oather Skinner, Ethel Cooper, Willie Walter, Brum Mitchell, Lela Vester of Anaheim, Calif.; Hallie Aldridge of Sweet Springs and Arthur C. DeHart. The 70's--Lola Belk, Eva Owsley, Howard Walker, Nancy Henderson, Nora Pitts. Rev. J. L. Wright then gave the benediction.


        Special gifts were presented while refreshments of punch, homemade cookies and ice cream were served. Mrs. Butler received gifts for perfect attendance and for the oldest lady; Rev. Ellis for the oldest man; John and Myrtle Green for the longest married couple; Warder Maberry for the father of the most children; Nancy Emery for mother of the most children; Frontz Glazebrook and John Green for the oldest men who drove cars; Pat Chancellor as the oldest person who made the longest trip the past year (to Oregon); Mrs. Ruth Kaufhold being the farthest distance from home (San Diego, Calif.); Leona Moore for the oldest person bringing her mother, Mrs. May Welchel; and to Mrs. Zilpha Murphy, the oldest person who walked to the church.

        Old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships made during the social hour.




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