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THE INDEX, September 5, 1968


Special Day Devoted to Elderly

Citizens of Area

Many Receive Gifts at 80 and Over Event


                A special day, known as 80 & Over, attracted 160 people to Wheatland Baptist Church Sunday afternoon for a program, gift presentations and refreshments honoring the elderly folk of the area. There were 45 honorees and ten golden wedding couples present for this 1st day of the month event.

                Irvin E. Allen, emcee for several years, was in charge and as usual made a tape recording of the activity. He was assisted by Kenneth Losh.

                Rev. J. E. Jones gave the invocation. Mrs. Lula Chaney presented two poems, quoting one from memory. Mrs. Alice Butler was able to stand and sing assisted in a duet by Mrs. Bessie Kirk. Mrs. Stella Bryan gave a talk and read a poem. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Dorman sang beautifully a duet. All were in the honored group. Mrs. Chloe Bain gave the tribute to departed ones.

                Mr. Dorman, 92, received the gift for being the oldest man present and Mrs. Alice Butler, 94, the gift for the oldest woman. Each received a pound of Folger's coffee. The Dormans were recognized as the longest married couple. Avis Hawkins of Goodson was the father of the most children (13). Mrs. Nancy Emery, also of Goodson, took the gift for being the mother of the most children in the honor group (9). Mrs. Nella Hawkins was awarded the gift for the mother present having the most children (13). Mrs. Alice Butler took the perfect attendance record being present 15 times.

                Mrs. Lela Vester, 83, Anaheim, Calif., came the farthest distance in the honor group. Mrs. Ora Young, Oakdale, California, was presented a gift for distance in the audience. Mrs. May Vanderford was recognized for walking to church. The oldest person driving a car was Rev. J. E. Ellis; also driving was Frontz Glaxebrook.

                The following made up the 90s: Alice Butler, 94, J. E. Jones, 90, both of Wheatland; Willie Dorman, 92, and Mrs. Stella Bryan, 92, both of Hermitage; and John Rogers of Weaubleau will be 90 Sept. 12.

                The 80s included: Eva Anderson, 80 on the date, and W. P. Mitchell, 86, Preston. The Wheatland group were: Ethel Bartshe, 80, Grace Blackwell, 80, Ida Carpenter, 85, Pat Chancellor, 82, Lula Chaney, 82, Bro. J. E. Ellis, 86, Frontz Glazebrook, 83, Fannie Hutton, 86, Albert Jenkins, 80, Zilla Jones, 87, Warder Maberry, 84, Zilpha Murphy, 83, Oma Stover, 82, May Vanderford, 89, and L. H. West, who will be 80 Sept. 16. Hermitage: Pearl Bandel, 86, Irl R. Chrisope, who will be 80 Sept. 27, Artie Darby, 82, Dora Dorman, 86, May Johnson, 80, Bertha Sanders, 87, Ethel Wall, 82. Weaubleau: Leota Barksbile, 80, Imo Chaney, 80, Clara Monroe, 83, Walter O. Pitts, 84, Grace Rogers, 88, Mary Robinett, 84; Nancy Emery, 88, and Grover Gladden, 82, both of Goodson; Hallie Aldridge, 87, Sweet Springs; Ethel Johnston, 86, and Mrs. L. E. (Nora) Brown, 83, both of Springfield; John F. Breshears, 80, Warrensburg; Lou Parker, 80, Gerster; Lela Vester, 83, Anaheim, Calif.; Bert Mahaffey, 82, Bolivar; Mrs. J. H. Hyde, 89, Washington, D. C.

                The following couples were awarded gifts: Elton and Mabel (Capps) Burch, 50, ElDorado Springs; Albert and Zola Jenkins, 59; Loren and Eva Green, Urbana, 53; Bro. J. E. and Zilla Jones, 65; Irl R. and Elsie Chrisope, 56; Avis and Nella Hawkins, 55, and Grover and Lora Gladden, 56, Goodson; John F. and Julia Breshears, [seem to be missing a line here] Maude Roth, 53, Quincy; W. L. and Dora Dorman, 67, Hermitage.

                Those departing since last year were, Nessie Young, 84; Snow Selvidge, 88; Fannie Boyd, 80; Stella Morton, 84; Lou Cox, 90; Lottie Bradshaw, 83; Ada Berdolt, 86; Belle McCaslin, 88; Lora Mabel Meador, 86; Maggie Willett, 92; Glessie Iiams, 80; Lizzie Jones, 82; Grover Madewell, 82; Mary Alice Skinner, 85; Dan Bartshe, 72; Will Camey, 79; Willie Henderson, 78.

                A nice box of candy was presented to Mrs. Nannie Jinkens by Mr. Allen at the close of the program in appreciation of her efforts at this time each year. The candy was given by Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Westfall of Bolivar.

                Refreshments of ice cream, punch and homemade cookies were served.

                Seasonal flowers brought by Mesdames Leola Kallweit, Grace Blackwell and Alice Smith decorated the church sanctuary.

                Those in charge are grateful for the generous offering given to defray expenses and for all other assistance in helping to make the afternoon such a pleasant one for all present.

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