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THE INDEX, September 7, 1967


80 And Over Day 1967

Observed At Wheatland


                Another 80 and Over Day was held at the Baptist church at Wheatland, Sept. 3, with some 146 in attendance. Bro. Irvin Allen was on hand with his wit and humor and enjoyed visiting with the honorees with his tape recorder. Although the number was less this year, those present seemed to enjoy it as much as ever.

                All who had part on the program performed well. Bro. J. E. Ellis, 85, Wheatland, gave the invocation and led the singing by the congregation, "In the Sweet Bye and Bye". Mrs. Lula Chaney, 81, Wheatland, gave a reading and told a joke. Walter Pitts, 83, Weaubleau, proved he can still sing when he rendered "The Love of God". Mrs. Grace Rogers, 87, Weaubleau, read a poem with an extra reading glass.

                There were four who were 90 years or more and three of them appeared on the program. Mrs. Alice Butler, 93, Warrensburg, sang "Amazing Grace" with Mrs. Bessie Kirk. She proved her ability and stood with her walker and was so happy she could still perform. Willie Dorman, 90, Hermitage, sang a duet with his wife, Dora, 85, "In the Garden." All love to hear them sing. Mrs. Stella Bryan, 91, also of Hermitage, gave an extemporaneous speech and read an appropriate poem. Mrs. Maggie Willett, 92, of Cross Timbers, knows the history of the northeast part of the county and can recall many experiences of her own.

                Others who attended from the various places: Weaubleau—Fannie Allen, 83; Lou Cox, 89; John Rogers, 88; Mollie Robinett, 83; Wheatland—Lizzie Jones, 82; Nora Butler, 82; Pat Chancellor, 81; Bro. J. E. Jones, 89; Zilla Jones, 86; Zilpha Murphy, 82; Warder Maberry, 83; Frontz Glazebrook, 82; May Vanderford, 88; Hermitage—Pearl Bandel, 85; Bertha Sanders, 86; Preston—Joe Boyd, 81; Fannie Boyd, 80; Brum Mitchell, 80; Quincy—Bill Dietz; Cross Timbers—Ada Gates, 80; Goodson—Grover Gladden, 81, and Nancy Emory, 87; Independence—Mrs. Nora Freeman, 85, and Mrs. Alice Reeves, 81; Green Ridge—Mrs. Della Morton, 83; Sweet Springs—Mrs. Hallie Aldridge, 85; Humansville—Mrs. Louvenia Breshears, 89.

                Thirteen couples present had been married 50 years or more: Irl and Elsie Chrisope, 55 years; W. L. and Dora Dorman, 66; Grover and Lora Gladden, 55; Thornton and Stella Morton, 50; Hugh and Eva Owsley, 52; Willie and Nancy Henderson, 54; Joe and Fannie Boyd, 60; Pete and Maude Roth, 52; Jim and Laura Brown, 54; John and Jettie Edde, 52; Cyrus and Ethel Myers, 51; J. E. and Zilla Jones, 64, and Bill and Addie Dietz. Each couple received a box of all-occasion cards as a gift.

                W. L. Dorman received a gift for the oldest man; Alice Butler for the oldest lady; the Dormans for the longest married couple (they were married March 13, 1901); Bro. Ellis was the oldest man who drove his car; Mrs. May Vanderford, the gift for walking the longest distance, and Mrs. Mollie Robinett also received a gift as she walked quite a distance.

                Mrs. Bertha Sanders received a gift for having the most brothers and sisters living (six). Mrs. Lizzie Jones was the mother of the most children in the honored group (ten); Mrs. Emma Lurten, mother in the crowd who had the most children (fifteen with twelve living). Warder Maberry the father of the most children. Mrs. Alice Reeves and Mrs. Nora Freeman received duplicate gifts for having come the longest distance.

                Mrs. Alice Butler had perfect attendance for these 14 events. Mrs. Venia Breshears has missed one and Bro. Jones has been absent twice because of being in the hospital. Mrs. Fannie Hutton was not able to be with us this time. Mrs. Snow Selvidge who is in K. C. with her daughter, Rosalie Selvidge, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Palmer of Leawood, Kansas make up the list of those in the honor group who are living who attended the first one of these events in the park, Oct. 3, 1954.

                Mrs. Amy Ellis gave a fitting tribute to those who had passed on during the year which were four of our 90;s: Mrs. Mary Sue Goans, 96, Ida Nihart, 92, Cora Goodman, 95, and Martha Breshears, 96. Ten of the 80's paid their debt during the year: Jim Allen, 83, Elbert Bain, 84 (he had not been absent until this year); Monta Martin, 86, Richland; Ira Moore, 83, W. L. Moore, 84; Ada Tipton, 82; Joe Tipton, 89, and Oscar Wright, 83. Two of our golden wedding couples were broken, Jim and Fannie Allen, 66 years; Oscar and Vada Wright, 60, and both Ira and Louie Moore, 59 years, who died within 5 days of each other.

Mrs. Ellis also read a greeting from Will and Annie Palmer of Leawood, Kansas, who would like to have been with us, but did next best. He will be having his 100th birthday Nov. 29, and she will be 97 Jan. 26 and their 77th wedding anniversary will be Jan. 1.

                These special days mean so much to these elderly people and friends are so nice to help and contribute their time and efforts to make the day happy for so many people and contribute to keep the event going. To those who make the cookies, who help with the refreshments, those who work at the door, those who help with ice cream to keep it until we are ready for it, to those who send contributions by mail and the advertising and gifts contributed, the committee extends thanks to all.


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