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THE INDEX, September 9, 1965




                A large crowd gathered at Wheatland Baptist Church Sunday afternoon, Sept. 5, for the 12th annual "80 and Over" occasion honoring the 80's, 90's, and golden wedding couples of this and surrounding communities with the states of California, Oklahoma and Idaho also being represented. There were 46 in the honored groups and 20 couples who had observed 50 or more years together.

                The 90's included: Mrs. Alice Butler, 91; Wes Carpenter, 92; Mrs. Mary Sue Goans, 93, and Mrs. Maggie Willett, 90.

                The 80's were: Wheatland—Pearl Bandel, 83; Nora Butler, 80; Lettie Bradshaw, 80; John Box, 83; Mary Box, 80; Ida Carpenter, 82; Vella Donovan, 87; Frontz Glazebrook, 80; Fannie Hutton, 85; Zilla Jones, 83; Edna Largent, 87; Warder Maberry, 81; Belle McCaslin, 85; Lora Meador, 83; Zilpha Murphy, 80; Walter Pitts, 81; May Vanderford, 86; Hermitage—Stella Bryan, 89; Ethel Cooper, 81; Dora Dorman, 83; W. L. Dorman, 88; Ira Moore, 82; Bertha Sanders, 84; W. W. Walter, 82; Weaubleau—Lou Cox, 87; Arthur C. DeHart, 80; Clara Monroe, 85; Mary Lee Robinett, 82; Grace Rogers, 85; John Rogers, 87; Ada Tipton, 80;  Joe Tipton, 88; Humansville—LaVenia Breshears, 88; May Johnson, 85; Bolivar—Stella Morton, 81; W. P. Morton, 87; Zoe Ralpli, 80; Allison Rupard, 81; Quincy—Wm. Dietz, 80; Goodson—Nancy Emory, 85; Elkton—Elbert Bain, 82; Fairfield—Harriet Miller, 82.

 ·     ·     ·

                Golden wedding couples: John and Mary Box, 64 years; John and Nellie Button, 54; Irl and Elsie Chrisope, 53; Bill and Addie Dietz, 56; W. L. and Dora Dorman, 64; John and Jettie Edde, 50; Grover and Lora Gladden, 51; John and Myrtle Green, 58; Loren and Eva Green, 50; Avis and Nella Hawkins, 52; Albert and Zola Jenkins, 56; Homer and Grace Jones, 52; Zenas and Grace Jones, 54; Tom and Grace Jordan, 54; Clarence and Verdie Little, 50; Arch and Nell Maze, 54; Arthur and Effie Moore, 51; Ira and Louie Moore, 58; W. P. and Stella Morton, 63; Lloyd and Minnie Pack, 56; Pete and Maude Roth, 50; with seven women who came without their husbands, namely Eva Owsley, Jessie Hyatt, Lula Chaney, Zilla Jones, Zoe Ralph, May Johnson, Eunice Beem.

·     ·     ·

                Irvin E. Allen, master of ceremonies, opened the program and recorded the numbers given. Mrs. J. E. Jones gave the invitation. Mrs. Fountain England was absent due to the death last week of her son. Mrs. Stella Bryan made a short talk and read a poem, "Smiles". Walter Pitts sang from memory the song "How Great Thou Art". Mrs. Lula Chaney read a poem, "Growing Old", and repeated a short poem from memory. Mrs. Mary Sue Goans and Mrs. Clara Monroe sang a duet "One Morning", without accompaniment. Their song was dedicated to Will T. and Annie Palmer who could not be present. Alice Butler and her brother, Joe Tipton, sang "Amazing Grace", and the congregation joined in singing the last verse. Mrs. Grace Rogers read and sang, "Was That Somebody You?" W. L. and Dora Dorman sang as a duet, "Under His Wings". Mrs. Ada Tipton read a poem that her sister, Ann Murphy, wrote the night "Mammy" Murphy died. Mrs. Edna Largent was not able to give her readings because of her eyesight and they were read by her daughter, Ina Faye Breshears. Mrs. Chloe Bain gave the tribute to the deceased members, naming 14 who had passed on during the year.

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