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Program Held In Wheatland Park with 31 Honorees Present


        Approximately 190 persons gathered in the Wheatland park Sunday afternoon to honor our “80 and Over” people over the county.

        There were four in the 90 group—W. T. Edge, who celebrated his 96th birthday May 19; John Crates, who will be 92 September 13; A. J. Cox, 91, and Mrs. Jennie Nance, who was having her 91st birthday that day.

        Present in the eighty group were Eli Breshears, 80; Mrs. Nan Carpenter, 80; Mrs. Arvilla McMillin, 80; Mrs. Stella Bryan, 81; John S. Williams, 81; Mrs. G. A. Bliss, 83; Mrs. Kate Hollingsworth, 83; Mrs. Alice Butler, 83; T. M. Selvidge, 83; A. A. Chaney, 83; W. B. Carpenter, 84; A. B. Heard, 84; T. A. Largent, 84; Mrs. Nannie Brookshire, 84; A. N. Tankesley, 84; A. T. Donovan, 85; Mrs. Clara Erickson, 85; J. C. Alexander, 85; Mrs. Maude Mann, 85; W. K. Edens, 86; Mrs. Mary Sue Goans, 86; Mrs. Stella Blair, 87; Mrs. Eva Sherman, 87; Mrs. Martha Breshears, 87; G. A. Bliss, 87; Mrs. J. G. Coberley, 88; Tom Wilson, 89.

        Frank Herbert was M. C. and made many pertinent opening remarks.

        Those appearing on the program in the 80 group were: Mrs. Clara Erickson, who sang a song in Swede, Mrs. Eva Sherman and Mrs. Alice Butler sang a duet, “Where We’ll Never Grow Old”, Mrs. Stella Bryan read “The Old Kitchen Range”; Mrs. Stella Blair read “The Old Oaken Bucket”.

        Mrs. T. A. Largent and Mrs. Mollie Paul each gave readings; Mrs. Susie Friedley sang a song she had heard her mother sing years ago. Rev. J. E. Jones gave the invocation and Mrs. N. C. Holloway gave a tribute to the seven deceased members which occurred since last year. They were: Frank Whelchel, George W. Wilson, Martha Beets, Stella Liggett, Alice Pope, Kate Gentry and Sadie Wiegand.

        Special gifts were presented to the oldest man, W. T. Edge of Hermitage; the oldest lady, Mrs. Jennie Nance, Fristoe; the longest married couple, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Carpenter of Weaubleau, 62 years; G. A. and Florence Bliss, 57 years; Joe and Dora Blackwell, 56 years; Thos. and Edna Largent, 56 years; A. J. and Lou Cox, 56 years; Ernest and Zilla Jones, 54 years; George and Ruby Browning, 54 years; Max and Susie Friedley, 54 years; Dan and Mae Huffman, 52 years; Harry and Rena Glazebrook, 50 years.

        Refreshments of cookies, ice cream, punch and coffee were served. Every one seemed to enjoy the occasion and look forward to a bigger and better one.



Springfield Daily News, Oct. 4, 1957

This article was found in the Western Historical Manuscripts Collection-Columbia, Lucile Morris Upton, Papers, 1855-1986.





80-AND-OVER DAY, 1957

        Sunday, Sept. 8, 1957, was a happy occasion for a number of persons. About 190 gathered in the Wheatland Park for the fourth annual 80-and-Over Day.

        Thirty-one of them were in the 80 and 90 group. Four of them were in their 90s. W. T. Edge of Hermitage was the oldest man present. He had reached his 96th birthday May 19. John Crates of Wheatland was hovering close to 92, his birthday being September 13.

        A. J. (Andy) Cox of Weaubleau was 90, hale and hearty. He played, "The Sailor's Hornpipe" with nimble fingers on his trusty violin. Mr. Cox has been quite a violinist and has competed in many fiddlers' contests. He will be 91 October 15. Mrs. Jennie Nance of Fristoe was celebrating her 91st birthday that day. She gets around with a crutch, having had a broken hip several years ago.

        The other members in the honor group were Tom Wilson, 89; Olive Coberley, 89; Martha Breshears, 87; Stella Blair, 87; G. A. Bliss, 87; Eva Sherman, 87; Mary Sue Goans, 86; W. K. Edens, 86; A. T. Donovan, 85; J. C. Alexander, 85; Clara Erickson, 85; Maude Mann, 85; Alfred Heard, 84; T. A. Largent, 84; Nannie Brookshire, 84; A. N. Tankesley, 84; Wes Carpenter, 84; Alice Butler, 83; Kate Hollingsworth, 83; T. M. Selvidge, 83; Florence Bliss, 83; A. A. Chaney, 83; Stella Bryan, 81; John S. Williams, 81; Ed Breshears, 80; Arvilla McMillin, 80; Nan Carpenter, 80.

        The following couples were present who had been married 50 years or more: Wes and Nan Carpenter, 62 years and A. J. and Lou Cox, 56 years, all of Weaubleau; George and Florence Bliss, 57 years, Cross Timbers; Tom and Snow Selvidge, 60 years; Joe and Dora Blackwell, 56 years; Thomas and Edna Largent, 56 years; George and Ruby Browning, 54 years; Max and Susie Friedley, 54 years; Ernest and Zilla Jones, 54 years; and Harry and Rhea Glazebrook, 50 years, all of Wheatland, and Dan and Mae Huffman of Jasper, Mo., 52 years.

*     *     *

        Frank Herbert was MC and did a good job recalling historical facts such as that our nation was about 100 years old when some of the guests were born. The Rev. J. E. Jones, 79, gave a very fitting invocation.

        Special guests were introduced to the crowd with their names and ages. Mrs. Clara Erickson, 83, sang, "I Will Sing You a Song," three verses in Swedish from memory. Mrs. Stella Bryan, 81, read, "The Old Kitchen Range." Mrs. Stella Blair, 87, stood with one crutch and read "The Old Oaken Bucket." Mrs. Susie Friedley sang, "It Will All Be Over Soon", a song she had heard her mother sing years ago.

        Mrs. Alice Butler, 83, sang soprano and Mrs. Eva Sherman, 87, sang alto for "Where We'll Never Grow Old." The audience joined in for the last verse. Mrs. Mollie Paul, 79, read, "The Tell Me I Am Growing Old."

        Mrs. T. A. Largent, 79, read a medley of poems and Mrs. N. C. Holloway gave a tribute to the deceased members by reading a poem, "In Memoriam."

        There were seven of the honor group who were present in 1956 that had passed to their eternal reward since last year: Mrs. Mattie Beets, 92; Mrs. Kate Gentry, 96; Mrs. Stella Liggett, 81; Frank Whelchel, 84; Mrs. Alice Pope, 87; Mrs. Sadie Wiegand, 87; and George Wilson, 88.

        Tom Wilson, 889, from Quincy, attended a birthday dinner at noon and came on to the special event driving his own car alone. He drove about 15 miles to be present.

*     *     *

        Claude Carpenter from Weaubleau brought his parents, aged 84 and 80 respectively, also his wife's parents, A. J. and Lou (Parke) Cox, who were 90 and almost 80 respectively. Mrs. Cox will be 80 September 29, so she was almost in the honor group.

        We were made to wonder how many sons could bring his parents and his wife's parents together with the total of 333 years. Or how many 90 year olds could draw forth the strains from an old violin as Mr. Cox did.

        Mrs. Blair walked from home with two crutches, having had a broken hip in her 70's. Mrs. Kate Hollingsworth, 83, came with her broken arm which she sustained in a fall a few weeks ago.

        A silver offering was taken during the business session to defray expenses. Refreshments of coffee, ice cream, cookies, and punch were served at the close of the program.

*     *     *

        People have always been very cooperative in helping the committee to carry out the plans.

        New interest and enthusiasm is shown each year among the guests and crowd. More extensive plans are being made for another year.

        Little booklets are made and handed out each year to the honorees with the names, ages and birthdays of the 80's and 90's and several in the 70's group. This keeps record of those present for each year, also helps to remembering their birthdays.

        Gifts were distributed to each of the honored guests, with special gifts for the oldest man, W. T. Edge, 96; the oldest woman, Mrs. Jennie Nance of Fristoe, 91; the longest married couple, Wes and Nan Carpenter, of Weaubleau, 62 years.

        There was special seating for the honorees. We had a microphone this year for the first time, which made it possible for all to hear.

        Mrs. Clara Erickson also told of her trip across the Atlantic during the response.



        Ed. Note: Thanks, Mrs. Jinkens, and congratulations to all those wonderful people. LMU



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