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Older Citizens Honored With Program and Gifts


        The third "80 and Over" Day was celebrated at Wheatland park Sunday afternoon, September 2, with more than 150 persons present to enjoy the program and help make it a happy day for 31 people in the 80 and 90 age group.

        Rev. J. L. Wright was M. C. Rev. J. E. Jones gave the invocation and the audience sang, "Where We'll Never Grow Old." Mrs. Zilpha Murphy read "Eighty Years Young.: Mrs. Stella Blair read two poems, one--"Mother's Vacation", Mrs. Max Friedley sang, "Take Me Back to Renfro Valley" and "Friends of Long Ago." Mrs. T. A. Largent gave readings, "I'm Goin' Back to Grandpa's" and "We ain't Dead Yet." Bro. Wright made a short talk and read a letter written by Oscar Erickson a number of years ago treasured by Oscars mother, Mrs. Clara Erickson. Mrs. Florence Browning entertained by singing, "Kickin' Maud" and "Two Sweethearts."

        Mrs. Elbert Bain gave a tribute to the deceased members of the group--Joe D. Breshears and S. A. Jordan--and closed by singing "Beyond the Sunset." Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Nevins and Harry Bennett furnished accordian and violin music which was enjoyed.

        Special gifts were distributed to the oldest man, W. T. Edge, 95, Hermitage; to the oldest lady, Mrs. Eliza Chaney, 94, Wheatland; the longest married couple, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Selvidge, soon be 60 years. Ball point pens were then distributed to all the 80's and over.

        Refreshments of punch, coffee, cookies and cups of ice cream were then served to the crowd. Several photographers were present to take pictures. A silver offering was taken to defray expenses with 3 cents left after expenses were paid.

        Following is a list of the honorees: W. T. Edge, 95, Hermitage; Mrs. Eliza Chaney, 93, Wheatland; Mrs. Kate Gentry, 93, Wheatland; Chas. Simmons, 92, Jordan; John Crates, 90, Wheatland; Mrs. Jennie Nance, 90, Fristoe; George Wilson, 88, Preston; Tom Wilson, 88, Quincy; Mrs. Sadie Wiegand, 87, Mrs. Leota Wheeler, 86, Miss Ida Knight, 85, T. M. Selvidge, 82, Weaubleau; Mrs. Hattie Bartshe, 83, Jordan; A. A. Chaney, 82, Mont Losure, 85, Mrs. Alice Pope, 86, Hermitage; Mrs. Stella Blair, 86, Mrs. Alice Butler, 82, Mrs. Clara Erickson, 84, A. B. Heard, 83, Mrs. Kate Hollingsworth, 82, Thos. Largent, 82, Mrs. Eva Sherman, 86, A. N. Tankesley, 83, Frank Whelchel, 83, John S. Williams, 80, Wheatland; Mrs. Maggie Willett, 81, Jordan; Mrs. Lina McKane, 84, and Mrs. Lillie Rountree, 81, Elkton; G. A. Bliss, 86, Mrs. Florence Bliss, 81, Cross Timbers.

        Mr. Bliss drove his car from home and brought Mrs. Bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Porterfield, and George Wilson from Preston. Mrs. Blair read her clippings and newspapers without glasses.

        This is a great day for our older people and they are to be commended for their outlook on life. One of the group, Charles Siems, 86, of St. Louis sent his greetings and was sorry not to be present. He is a member of two Golden Age groups in St. Louis.

        The following couples were present who have been married more than 50 years: Tom and Snow Selvidge, 59 years; G. A. and Florence Bliss, 56 years; Will and Bertha Tipton, 56 years; Joe and Dora Blackwell, 55 years; Thomas and Edna Largent, 55 years; George and Ruby Browning, 53 years; Max and Susie Friedley, 53 years; Dan and Maw Huffman, 51 years.


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